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A faster, thicker and heavier version of punk rock. Hardcore punk developed in the early 80s, in the wake of the first era of punk. Hardcore punk tended to be more political and more socially aware than the first era of punk; they wrote songs about greedy politicians and starving African children, while the punk rockers from the initial boom of punk wrote about things like doing drugs and falling in love -- classic rock 'n' roll themes.
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What is hardcore in sex?

Hardcore sex is when a guy does the original way of sex but harder and faster.

What is the difference between punk and punk rock?

They are the same. not really: Think of rock as Earth and punk as Australia. Punk is a sub genre of Rock and is usually faster, louder, and are simpler than normal rock mu

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Who is the king of punk?

The easy answer is Malcolm McLaren. Punk is said to have existed in America in the late 60's with small garage bands as well as larger bands like Iggy and the Stooges. Into th

How do you have punk attitude?

To have a Punk attitude you must show that you just want to be you and you want to be like no one else. Just be you and you don't have to act all rebel and that. Don't change,

Meaning of hardcore?

  Hardcore, in general means something solid, unbreakable, unshiftable. Used in relation to sexual intercourse, gaming and sports. A hardcore gamer is a person who doesn

Where is party hardcore?

  Prague, Czech Republic

Is Ashley from Hardcore Pawn married?

There is nothing online that states that Ashley from Hardcore Pawn  is married. Ashley and her family own the pawn shop American  Jewelry and loan.

How do you have sex hardcore?

'hard core' sex is a different way of saying rough sex to perform 'hardcore sex' you might want abit of experience and stamina because if you don't know what your doing it won

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How hardcore are you?

there are many things to be hardcore in. i'm kinda good at a couple things.

Is cm punk a punk?

no but he is a disgrace to every one who will or is living a straight edge life (The guy who originally posted the above comment is a disgrace to the human race in general an

What does punk mean?

Punk: Awesome, Hard, Fast, Rebellious, Anarchic, Sociopolitical, music.

What made punks to become punks?

Punks are influenced from the Punk music they listen to or the teen angst in them. Most Punk songs send messages to people to just be you and people can relate to Punk music b