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Heat shrink tubing is used to protect wires and cords from shrinking during cold weather and protects it from any power surges and extreme heat. You can find them for sale on Amazon and Ebay.
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How do you connect wires using a heat shrink connector?

A heat shrink connector is a small tube of translucent plastic shrink wrap with a small collar of solder in the middle. That's what I think the question is about. What you do is butt joint the wires together then use a soldering iron to melt the small collar of solder,this is what attatches the wires together in a more permenant bond than shrinkwrap alone. Then use a heat gun or other flame (carefully) to shrink the wrap around the wires and insulation. A proper heat shrink gun can melt solder inside the shrink without damaging it. 3M makes one. Tyco Electronics also makes one. Check out DigiKey and enter part # CWT9001-ND They are used in aircraft regularly. . For the record, heat shrink is not plastic (I suppose it could be, but I've never seen it in 'plastic') for the most part it is polyolefin and comes in several types, shrink ratio of 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, 6:1. .

Does a clothes iron generate enough heat to activate heat-shrink tubing?

Answer . IT probably would but you would have to make direct contact which might cause the heat-shrink to shrink unevenly or get flattened.. It is usually better to blow hot air at it while you rotate it. A good hair dryer might work equally well.. ------. Neither a hair dryer, nor a clothes dryer will work for shrinking most conventional heat shrink tubing. The most common types: PVC and Polyolefin require temperatures of greater than 100C (the boiling point of water).. A clothes iron will; however you'll melt the tubing with direct contact, and it will mess up your iron. If you don't own a heat gun, you'll be fine using a cigarette lighter.. You can find more information at: http://www.buyheatshrink.com

What safety precautions do you have to use when heating a liquid in a test tube?

The most general precaution to use when heating a liquid in a test tube is to make certain that the top of the tube is not pointed toward you or any other person nearby in the lab. You would also want to make sure you are wearing a lab coat, protective goggles and are using an appropriate device to handle the test tube.

How do you heat a test tube?

You boil some water and put the test tube in and its heated up but you don't have to worry about a flame. You boil some water and put the test tube in and its heated up but you don't have to worry about a flame. To heat a test tube you simply use a Bunsen burner. Make sure you use pliers to hold it with though because it will get very hot. Also you can change the heat of the Bunsen burner by switching it to the blue flame. you always hold it away from you and your lab partner. heat it sideways and slowly run it through the flame to distribute the heat evenly.

How are tube heat exchangers designed?

Tube-type heat exchangers are designed using tubes to contain and convey either the exchange medium or that which needs heating or cooling. Let's look at an example and it will be more clear.. In a condenser below a steam turbine, the "used steam" comes out of the turbine and passes across many tubes through which cool water is being pumped. The steam condenses into water as heat is exchanged with the tubes, which were cooled by the water being pumped through them. Use the link (provided) to the Wikipedia article on the surface condenser for some great drawings and a more detailed explanation.

What are the precautions when heating a test tube?

- avoid overheating - avoid splashing of liquids - if it is possible work in a hood or with safety eyes goggles

When materials on earth are heated do they shrink?

Typically no, when an object is heated, it will expand. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. There is a temperature range in water that when heated, the water will actually shrink. But for the vast majority of cases, heat -> expand. . True, but there is a material that also makes an exception to the rule. It is used mostly in Computer Maintainance jobs and classes at colleges. It is called HeatShrink. As the name implies, when this material is heated, it shrinks. It acts as a sealing jacket when splicing two wires together.

Can you use pex tubing in a high rise building on the heating and cooling system?

The answer is: it depends. Local codes in metro areas might restrict you from doing that, so its best to check with a building official in your area first.

How is heat shrink sleeve manufactured?

A heat-shrinkable sleeve starts out with a thick extruded polyolefin sheet (polyethylene or http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Polypropylene ) that is formulated to be cross-linkable. After extruding the thick sheet, it is taken to the "beam" where it is passed under a unit that subjects the sheet to electron irradiation. The irradiation process cross-links the polyolefin. This improves the molecular structure such that the polyolefin will work as part of a heat-shrinkable sleeve and provide the required level of mechanical protection while in-service. It makes the polyolefin perform more like a tough, heat-resistant, elastic material, than like a plastic material. After cross-linking, the sheet is stretched by feeding it into a machine that heats it up, stretches it and cools it down. Because the sheet has been cross-linked, after stretching, it will want to recover to its original length when re-heated

Does aluminum shrink when heated?

yes aluminum does shrink when heated. It also melts when heated without turning red and when overheated, causes stress and strain in a process called distortion.

Do not look into a heated tube?

what is your question? There is no point writting a question that makes sense, THINK BEFFOR YOU TYPE.

Advantages of using a blue Bunsen flame to heat a test tube?

the advantage of a blue flame is that it is more effecient(hotter flame less flue). the flame is hotter than a yellow one and no soot is produced which blackens test tubes

Can you use a lighter to shrink heat tubing?

Simply putting it...yes you can. However, the experts will always recommend using a heat gun, which can be purchased from your local hardware or auto parts store for a fee ranging from $30-80. The major difference between using a heat gun as opposed to a lighter, is that with a heat gun, the job will be a bit more clean, more professional, and less chances of burning your hand, or burning the shrink tube. If your job is small, and investing in a heat gun is not worth your while, then I do recommend using a lighter, it will achieve the same result.

What is the danger in heating a test tube?

The materials in the tube could chemically combine, releasing energy, or they could boil, burn, or explode. Any of these is a hazard if the material escapes from the tube or breaks it open. The glass in the tube could also fracture or break with improper heating.

Does iron shrink if heated?

No metals expand under heat as they have more kinetic energy. -> Correct and incorrect. As far as I know Iron is the only transitional metal to do this however it does shrink before it expands. In its solid state Iron is takes the metallic structure of base centered packing which is the least dense packing. However when it heats to a certain point the Iron ions are able to release another electron, increasing the attractive forces between the positive ion's kernel with the 'electron sea' and decreasing their radii. This allows the substance to become for dense, and it takes on face centered packing. Therefore it shrinks! Then when heated more, iron is not able to release any more electrons, as that would make it unstable, so the more kinetic energy you add, the more it will expand, going back to base centered packing :)

A thermal capsulorrhaphy uses heat to shrink and tighten tissues involved in shoulder instability disorders such as dislocation?

A surgical technique called thermal capsular shrinkage (also known as thermal capsulorrhaphy) was recently developed to treat several types of shoulder instability. The procedure uses heat to shrink and tighten the shoulder capsule, which is the connective tissue around the shoulder joint that helps to keep it stable. Thermal capsular shrinkage was developed as a less invasive way to treat a shoulder that is loose or frequently dislocates. Early short-term results with thermal capsulorrhaphy were encouraging, and the procedure rapidly gained in popularity. However, more recent results with patients over a longer follow-up period have shown a much higher failure rate than was first seen. Also, more complications have been reported. As a result, doctors are performing thermal capsular shrinkage less frequently.

What is fin tube heat exchanger?

A heat exchanger composed of finned tubing. Finned Tube----Finned tube heat transfer principles and selection principles Finned tubes, also known as fin tubes or finned tubes, the English name is "Fin Tube" or "Finned Tube", also sometimes called "Extended Surface Tube", which extended surface tube. As the name implies, is a finned tube on the original surface of the tube (irrespective of the outer surface or inner surface) of processing of a number of fins, the original surface is extended to form a unique heat transfer components. Why use finned tubes? Processing of the original surface of the fin can play what role? To answer this question, but also from some of the basic principles of heat transfer process to start. First,To introduce a heat transfer on the definition: solid surface in contact with the fluid, and it is called convection heat transfer between the heat exchanger. We are most familiar with is the convective heat radiator and air between the outer surface of the heat exchanger. Life experience tells us: Radiators area is larger, the higher the surface temperature (i.e., surface temperature and the greater the temperature difference between the air), the longer the heating time, the greater the heat exchange, Room more warm. This shows that heat and convective heat transfer area is proportional to the temperature difference and the proportional and proportional to the time. To compare the strength of convective heat transfer case, we need to define a physical quantity: called "heat transfer coefficient." Is the heat transfer coefficient per unit area and temperature (the temperature difference between the wall and the fluid), the convective heat transfer per unit time. The unit is J / (s. m. ℃) or W / (m. ℃). Convective heat transfer coefficient h is commonly used symbols. Heat transfer coefficient depends mainly on the following factors:  the type of fluid and physical properties: such as water and air is totally different, the heat transfer coefficient vary considerably;  whether the process fluid in the heat exchanger phase change, that is, whether the boiling or condensation occurs. If the phase transition occurs, then it will greatly enhance the heat transfer coefficient; 2  also, and fluid velocity and solid surface shape. And so on. The size of the convective heat transfer coefficient is mainly through experimental studies to determine, given below a set of common cases Range of values:  water vapor condenses: h = 10000 --- 20000 W / (m * ℃)  boiling water: h = 7000 --- 10000,,,,,  water convection: h = 3000 --- 5000,,,,  forced convection of air or gas: h = 30 --- 80,,,,,  natural convection of air or gas: h = 3-10 ,,,,, Thus, The heat transfer coefficient under different circumstances the difference is huge. Keep in mind that the range of values ​​of the heat transfer coefficient, which is the understanding and subsequent selection of finned tubes is a great useful. The following will discuss a concrete example of the heat transfer device: With a heat exchanger with hot water heated air, hot water flowing in the pipe, the air flow in the tube. Such as heating with hot air curtain or automobile radiator (radiator) belong to this type of heat transfer that heat hot water to pass through the wall of the tube cold fluid - air. Thus, the heat transfer process with the partition of the two sides of convective heat transfer process tightly linked. For the above example: pipe water side convective heat transfer coefficient is approximately 5000, while the tube air-side heat transfer coefficient is about 50, a difference of 100 times. As the air-side heat exchanger "capacity" is far below the water side, which limits the water side heat exchanger "capacity" of the play, such that the air-side heat transfer process in a "bottleneck", limiting the increase in heat transfer. In order to overcome the air side of the "bottleneck" effect, in the installation of air-side outer surface of the fin would be a wise choice. After the installation of the fins, the air-side heat transfer area of ​​the original has been greatly expanded, Mi fill the air-side heat transfer coefficient is low, and makes heat transfer greatly improved, as shown in the following figures. The role of the fins on the installation can also use the following example to illustrate more vividly: border crossings in an immigration office, assuming there are ten ports Party Inspection mouth, release 5,000 people per hour, while the B port is only one wicket mouth, and run very slow release of 50 persons per hour only. Thus, the B-side passenger clearance has become a bottleneck, making the party's "ability" can not play. In order to improve customs clearance flow, the most effective way is to open a few B-side inspection port. This principle is the same as the installation of the fins. Finned tubes in the understanding of the principles and the role of the future, and in what situations selection finned tubes, are the following principles: (1) If both sides of the heat transfer coefficient of the tube a big difference, you should install the side heat transfer coefficient is small fins. Example 1: boiler economizer tube walking through water, drain pipe flue gas side fins should be used. Example 2: air coolers, tube go liquid, drain the air tube, the fins should be added to the air side. Example 3: steam generator tube is water boiling, take the gas tube, fins should be added in the flue gas side. It should be noted, in the design, the heat transfer coefficient should be placed on the side of the tube in order to facilitate the installation of the fins. (2) If the tube side heat transfer coefficient is very small, in order to enhance heat transfer fin should be installed on both sides at the same time, if the structural difficulties, the two sides can not add fins. In this case, if only the side add fins to increase heat transfer effect is not obvious. Example 1: The traditional tubular air preheater, take the air tube, the tube take the fumes. Because it is a gas on gas heat exchanger, the heat transfer coefficient is very low on both sides, plus finned tube very difficult, had run out of the tube. Example 2: heat pipe air preheater, although still smoke heated air, but the gas and air are flowing in the tube, so the gas side and air side can easily adopt finned tube, so that the heat transfer greatly increased. (3) If the tube side heat transfer coefficient is large, it is not necessary to use finned tubes. Example 1: water / water heat exchanger, heated with hot water, the two sides are sufficiently high heat transfer coefficient, it is not necessary to use the finned tubes. However, in order to further enhance the heat transfer, can be used instead of threaded pipe or bellows fluorescent tubes. Example 2: plant condenser tube condensation of water vapor, the water pipe to go. Both sides of the heat transfer coefficients are high, in general, without the use of finned tube. Key Works: Finned Tube, Fin Tubes, Tubos Aletados, heat transfer http://www.ts-aceroinoxidable.com/tsaceroinoxidablecom/html/productlist/finnedtube.html

What is the use of you tube?

It is used for watching videos and chatting and listening to music. But mainly used for videos. YouTube is a video-sharing website on which users can upload, share, and view videos. Three former PayPal employees created YouTube in February 2005. [3] The name and logo of the company allude to acathode ray tube, which was used as the screen of a television in the days before flat panel displays. [ citation needed ] The company is based in San Bruno, California, and uses Adobe Flash Video technology to display a wide variety of user-generated video content, including movie clips, TV clips, and music videos, as well as amateur content such as video blogging and short original videos. Most of the content on YouTube has been uploaded by individuals, although media corporations including CBS, BBC, VEVO and other organizations offer some of their material via the site, as part of the YouTube partnership program. [4] Unregistered users can watch the videos, while registered users are permitted to upload an unlimited number of videos. Videos that are considered to contain potentially offensive content are available only to registered users 18 and older. In November 2006, YouTube, LLC was bought by Google Inc. for $1.65 billion, and now operates as a subsidiary of Google. *Wiki*

Why do tube lights do not get heated?

because tube lights are made of glasses. and when its break down then nobody gets heares

How do you use shrink in a sentence?

I took a bath in my new Jeans to shrink them to my body shape.

How do you use the word 'shrink' in a sentence?

It depends on which definition of "shrink" you're using. Shrink - to become smaller in size. - When the bread dehydrates it will shrink. Shrink - Another word for therapist (quack). - That shrink has a horrible practice. Hope this helped, Good luck!

Heated test tube using burner with closed air holes?

Heated test tube with a bunsen burner with closed air holes wouldresult to the test tube having some kind of black material at thebottom, it looks like a burnt coal that stick to the bottom of thetest tube. This happens because the flame is not a good flame.

What is used to hold a test tube when it is being heated?

It is called a test tube holder. It can be adjusted to fit the mouth of the test tube.

How do you replace tube heat exchanger?

Heat exchange tubes are intended for heating or cooling process fluids, they are for example suitable for closed circuit cooling of electrical equipment using demineralised water and for cooling water soluble oil solutions in quenching tanks.

Is there a glue that works on heat shrink tubes?

No, but you can buy heat shrink tubes at plumbing stores that have a glue coating inside the heatshrink. This makes your joint totally waterproof. It works very well and is actually intended for insulating the connection wires of deep well submersible pumps. It's sold as "Wiring PRO Heat Shrinkable wire splice kit."

What would you use if you were holding and heating a test tube?

When heating a test tube, you would use a test tube holder. It can also be used to hold/ support pipettes, etc. http://www.answers.com/mt/test-tube-holder

What is a sentence using the word shrink?

Doctors hoped that the new drug would shrink cancer tumors withoutsurgery. When they dry out, leaves can shrink and lose much of their weight.

What is the hottest heat shrink can go?

A: There is a Miss understanding on your part heat sink is a metal usually anodized aluminum it goes nowhere except at the melting point it becomes a lump. by that time whatever is mounted on it is destroyed.

Can you fix by soldering and applying heat shrink tubing on broken wire of speed sensors mounted on wheel hub?

The resistance of speed sensors is of great importance to the abs system computer in your vehicle. The wires are a part of that overal resistance. It is usally advisable to replace the cables with new ones if they are damaged. However; if one knows what the resistance should be and has an ohm meter one could attempt the fix. Then measure the resistance in that cable from the computer end of it ( disconnect battery first of course ) and make sure it falls within the specs it may work.

Why doesn't an inflated balloon shrink when heated?

Because as the balloon is heated, the gases on the inside of the balloon begin to expand and press out on the walls of balloon. If a balloon is refridgerated, the opposite is true: the gases on the inside of the balloon will begin to contract, causing the balloon to shrink.

How do you use the alum to shrink the vagina?

You can't. Alum would have no effect on your vagina. It's the muscles around the opening of your vagina that needs exercise if you feel big. Neither Alum or any other power, spray, or ointment would tighten these.

What do you use to heat a liquid in a test tube?

There are any number of things. You could use a heat lamp, a steam bath, a hot-water bath, a Bunsen burner, an electric heating mantle...

What do you do with the heat vent on shrink ray island?

To turn up the heat, go to the right part of CJ's bedroom, and turn the dial on the wall to the hottest setting by jumping up on it and running to the right. Thn go to the left part of her bedroom. Push the wastebasket to the left. It will tip over, and trash will spill out. The trash will float because of the hot air, and you can jump on those pieces to get to the top of the bed.

How do you turn on the heat vent in shrink ray island?

The vent will turn on when you change the temperature in the house. In order to do that, walk over to the room with the computer. Jump up to the shelf with CJ's diary and jump over to the thermostat. Walk until the arrow is in the dark red area.

Where can you buy heat shrink tubing?

Heat shrink tubing is available at many hardware stores. I would suggest looking at your local lowes or home depot first and then trying smaller hardware stores second only after the bigger chain hardware stores do not have any in stock.

What do you do when you turn on the heat vent on shrink ray?

if you tipped over the trash can, the garbage will fly up, and you can stand on it to get to the bed or table.

Which acid is used for heat exchanger tube cleaning?

Depend upon material of construction... If SS u can use HCl but immedeatly wash it by NaOH and clean cold water.

How do you heat the paper on shrink ray island?

Push the lamp down all the way, turn it on, and the words will appear

How far do twist the heating on shrink ray island?

until its in the red area then you r good also the telescope #s r x:87 y:16

Why Don't we use odd number of tube passes in Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger?

It is difficult from cleaning point of view. Both end chambers have to be removed so as to clean the heat exchanger with odd nos of passes. Thanks & Regards Priyanka Karkera

Is a stent used to shrink aneurysms?

No. Stents are used to support the arterial wall to keep it from ballooning into a larger defect. They do not shrink the aneurysm but stabilize it.

Why is heat shrink wrapping used?

Heat shrink wrapping is used in many industries and its main purpose is to protect the item within. Shrink wrap is commonly found on a variety of household goods and also serves as a tamper-resistant device.

Where can one find information on heat shrink tubing?

Heat shrink tubing provides a state of the art method for the application of a tights, protective covering to items that will be subjected to the extrems of heat, corrsion.

What services does Heat Shrink provide?

The website Heat Shrink offers heat shrink tubing. The company cuts to specifications as well as offering the service to print logos onto the tubing. The website itself seems fairly straightforward to navigate.

How well can plastic shrink wrap tubing be recycled?

Because most plastic shrink wrap tubing is made of cardboard, they can recycled as paper. Simply place the tubing in a bin that is marked for paper recycling.

Why do muscles shrink and weaken when they are not used?

Muscles shrinking when not used is the body being economic. . Muscles are made up of cells, and cells are living things.Living things need energy - food, one way or another, only toremain alive. . So even if you aren't using them at the moment, it's costing thebody an effort only to keep them around. . And the body is economic. It doesn't like to spend effort onsomething that isn't being used. . If you're not using a muscle(much), the body will eventuallystop maintaining those muscle cells it doesn't need. And the muscleas a whole will begin to shrink. It'll shrink to the point wherewhat remains is what it needs to be able to do what you normallyask it to do.

Where can one get heat exchanger tubes?

One can get heat exchanger tubes by contacting a company that provides this product such as Phoenix Equipment. One can also purchase online at Grainger.

What are the use's of a heat shrink wrap?

The main uses for a heat shrink wrap is the wrapping and storage of equipment including boats, bridges and food packaging.There are endless uses for heat shrink wrap.

Which company invented the heat shrink tubing and when?

Heat shrink tubing was invented in the 1950s, in the later years, by Raychem Corporation. The head engineer founder was Paul Cook who used radiation chemistry to invent heat shrink tubing.

What is used to shrink the window?

Shrinking a window on a computer is called "minimizing". When youlook up at the top right corner you will see a dash line followedby a box then on the end a X. The dashed line is what minimizes awindow on a computer.