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The term amplitude is applied to the "strength" of some kind of harmonic motion. It could be mechanical energy, like sound or earthquake waves, or it could be electromagnetic, like radio waves or light. It could even be digital pulses, which are on's and off's. In all cases, the amplitude is a measure of the "power" or the "energy" in that motion or wave.

As regards high amplitude and low amplitude, this is a designation as the the "amount" of energy in a wave. There is a "zero" or "reference" in all motions of this kind, and amplitude could be viewed as a deviation from the "norm" in any case where the motion, movement or propagation of the "energy" is observed. Though without specific magnitude, we use "high" to denote "a lot" of energy, and "low" to specify that there is "a little" energy.

As regards sound or electromagnetic energy, use the links below to read similar questions and learn more.
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Do loud sounds have a high amplitude?

Yes, amplitude is the maximum height from the undisturbed position of a wave to the crest or trough of a wave. A loud sound wil have a higher amplitude than a quiet sound.

Can a low frequency wave have high amplitude?

Of course and vice versa.