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A House style is a set of rules which states how all documents and written communication from an organisation should be formatted.
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What is the local housing style in Hungary?

Traditionally, in rural areas and small towns Hungarians built 'long and low' houses, often of one storey only, or one and a half storeys. Some also have cellars.. In cities

What architectural style is the White House?

The White House uses a combination of Palladian and neoclassicalstyles in its architecture design. The original design of the WhiteHouse was created by James Hoban, so it has

What is house style in ict?

Why is a house style that important? 1. Marketing strategies emphasizes the quality of your offering and products and your business attitude. A sloppy presentation can lead

Where is corporate house style seen?

Many larger corporations have a "house style" (meaning that is specific to that company and used "in house") for their website, publications, etc. House style might include al