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When not to have a knee replacement?

Here are the criteria for when you should have a knee replacement 1) The pain in your knee is affecting your normal daily activities eg walking, stairs etc 2) Your knee pain

Do kangaroos have knees?

Yes. Kangaroos do have knees. They are made of fibrous tissue.

Do mice have knees?

Yes they do! They are small though. They are more like joints...

What if you had no knees?

you could be broke

What is the verb for knee?

"Knee" is a noun. If you want to rest on your knees, then you would "kneel".

Do elephants have knees?

Yes, elephants have knees. They have two knees at the back, but the front joints are not actually knees. They are regarded as elbows and wrists at the front.

What is plumbers knee?

Plumbers knee another name prepatellar bursitis, more commonly known as Housemaids Knee What is it? Inflammation of the bursa (small fluid filled sac) at the front of the kne

What flexes your knee?

Hamstrings are the prime movers of knee flexion, but the plantaris, sartorius, gracilis, and the gastrocnemius, also flex the knee

What are knee injuries?

The five most common knee problems are arthritis, tendonitis, bruises, cartilage tears, and damaged ligaments. Knee injuries can be caused by accidents, impact, sudden or awkw

Where is the knee located?

half way down the leg

How do you injure your knee?

Knee injuries are very common. You can injure the knee by playing practically any kind of sport, and also by running/jogging or by falling on the knees.

What is knee degeneration?

A knee is formed of a cartilage structure where bones of the upper part of the leg meet those of the lower part, knee degeneration takes place when damage or ware takes place

What is the knee joint?

The knee joint consists of the tibiofemoral joint and the patellofemoral joint. It is a combination of hinge and gliding joints, respectively. It is also in a class called fre
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Do beavers have knees?

yes. 2 way spindle joints. It allows them to break dance to any tune.

What to do if your knee is swollen?

at first clicky, and within 4-5hrs later is swollen, stiff and painful to extremely painful a further 4-5 hrs later. get to hospital emergency orthopaedic trauma dept. for asp