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Do flies have knees?

No, they can move any part of their leg. Upper Lower Middle

What is Arthritis of the knee?

Hi, I am a physical therapist and treat knee arthritis. Arthritis in general is inflammation of a joint. In the knee, generally the femur and at times the tiba becomes infla

What do you do if you have knee pain?

It is always worth seeing a doctor with any injury, to rule out anything serious. The best thing to do initially is PRICE Protect:Avoid any activities that cause pain. Rest:W

Is housewife's elbow the same as tennis elbow?

No its not, the technical term is elbow bursitis and its a painful condition caused by constant pressure on the elbow, think a housewife leaning on her elbow while cleaning, h

What does the mcl of the knee do?

The MCL makes the knee more stable. It resists forces from the outside of the knee and helps hold the knee bones together.The medial collateral ligament is found on the inner

What are the muscles of knee?

There are 2 main groups of knee muscles, the quadriceps and the hamstrings. The quadriceps (Rectus Femoris, Vastus Medialis, Vastus Lateralis and Vastus Intermedius) all strai

Why does your knee klunk After knee replacement?

Prosthetic (artificial) knees are truly an amazing piece of biomedical engineering but they are far from perfect when it comes to matching the actual human knee joint. Most pe

Can you get pimples on your knees?

Yes. You can get pimples anywhere you have skin. Its just a little more rare to get them on your knee due to calluses or heavy rubbing from clothing.

Do Frogs Have Knees?

Yes, they have knees, which help them leap great distances in proportion to their body length.

Do owls have Knees?

Yes, they do however you can't really make them out because of their irregular shaped flanges

Why do you get water on the knee after a knee replacement?

Water on the knee after knee replacement is a very common problem that many patient face. It can be common or uncommon depending on severity of the swelling and time frame.
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What rhymes with knee?

bee, fee, flee, glee, lee, pee, see, tee, vee, wee, .. flea, lea, pea, tea, .. be, he, she, we, agree,sea, plea,knee,key,me,already. pee, key, fee, glee, agree, flea,see, bee

What is wounded knee?

there was the wounded knee massacre in 1890   or   the seige at wounded knee whichis where Combined activists of AIM and hundreds of Sioux took over Wounded Knee in an
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What do you do when you get on your knees and pray?

i read up on the meaning of getting on one knee and proposing to your girlfriend and getting on both knees when praying to God. When you get on one knee to propose you are sho