What is housewife's knee?

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Is the pain under your knee cap when you climb the stairs really housewife's knee and not arthritis if you've had it for several years?

It all depends on age. I have had Chondromalacia patallae for about 3 years now and have had serious problems with it. I have spoken to my surgeon many times about it and he s

What is a knee?

The little nobby thing in the middle of your leg. It allows movement of the calves and feet.

Is housewife's elbow the same as tennis elbow?

No its not, the technical term is elbow bursitis and its a painful condition caused by constant pressure on the elbow, think a housewife leaning on her elbow while cleaning, h

Can a knee strap or knee brace fix crooked knees?

I'm a teen and I've dislocated my knee twice. Usually, when your knee is crooked it's just where your patella sits. People with bad knees, their knees sit lower on the bone th

Do owls have Knees?

Yes, they do however you can't really make them out because of their irregular shaped flanges

Why do you get water on the knee after a knee replacement?

Water on the knee after knee replacement is a very common problem that many patient face. It can be common or uncommon depending on severity of the swelling and time frame.

Why does your knee klunk After knee replacement?

Prosthetic (artificial) knees are truly an amazing piece of biomedical engineering but they are far from perfect when it comes to matching the actual human knee joint. Most pe
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Can you get on your knees after a particle knee replacement?

Not as soon as you want. Knee replacement surgery is a seriousmedical procedure. After the surgery you will usually get a therapyto get use of your new knee replacement. This