What is human resources and non human resources?

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Human Resources refer to the people and their skills that are used to produce goods and services and make up the workforce of a company. Every person who works at a company is part of that company's human resources.

Non-Human Resources are the inanimate objects or abstract objects (like time or money) that help satisfy the company's goals. They are the things that satisfy man's needs and can be harnessed to create wealth and are easily recognized.
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What is human resources?

1) A resource that will be sourced from people, rather than a financial or material source. 2) Human Resources is the aggrandizement of the old title of Personnel Department

WHY human resources?

Getting in third person Human Resources often provides more efficiency for the company needing staff; they will be skilled workers and their skills and expertise can prove a g

What is a non human resource?

In economics they typically classify 4 types of resources:. 1. Land (natural resources like water, trees, oil, etc.). 2. Labor (human). 3. Capital (money, loans, etc.). 4.

What is a human resource?

any person and their particular abilities and skills;the concept of people and their potential as a resource. a human resource is a source made by humans to help other humans

Home management human and non-human resources?

These assets are instrumental traits or qualities within people.inspite of attention given to resources in management literature inpractice, the extend to which more people ta

What is an human resource?

A human resource is either: humans who have skills to be sold (doctor/scientist) lots of peole who make products to be sold These are both human resources because they involv

What are human resource?

Human Resources are quite simply the people who do jobs. Often times agencies and third parties provide human resources, literally man power, to complete tasks for them. HR se
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What is human resource?

Human resources is used to describe both the people who workfor a company or organization and the department responsible formanaging resources related to employees. The term