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What is human resources and non human resources?

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Human Resources refer to the people and their skills that are used to produce goods and services and make up the workforce of a company. Every person who works at a company is part of that company's human resources.

Non-Human Resources are the inanimate objects or abstract objects (like time or money) that help satisfy the company's goals. They are the things that satisfy man's needs and can be harnessed to create wealth and are easily recognized.
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Human resources is an asset or liability?

The second word of "Human Resources" should give you a clue that is considered an asset. Companies that consider their employees to be an asset invest in those employees throu (MORE)

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Is human relations and human resources the same?

In my understanding human relations is different from human resources. Why? First, human relations is concern on how a person deals with one another in the course of job satis (MORE)

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How human resources department is involved in Human Resources Planning?

There is a relationship between Management and Human Resources Management and these two should consult with one another, management would not have the information such as pers (MORE)

What Is A Human Resources Degree?

Human resources management programs prepare people to manage employment policies and practices in the workplace. A human resources degree focuses on areas such as labor law, (MORE)

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How human resource planning facilitating human resource goal?

Human resource planning is a very important part in accomplishing  the gaols and targets of the company. Because without planning, it  will be hard to manage the company ope (MORE)

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What is mean by human resource outsourcing?

human resource outsourcing means that the HR function is outsourced to another company that specialises in HR. therefore the company that outsources HR does not have its own i (MORE)

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What is the difference between human resources and human resource management?

Human resource (HR) is the set of individuals who make up the  workforce of an organization.       Human resource management (HRM) is a function in organizations  (MORE)

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When does human capital change into human resource?

On employment. Human capital has a value to the individual or  society independent of its engagement in business: for instance it  may be increased through education. "Human (MORE)