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What is human resources and non human resources?

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Human Resources refer to the people and their skills that are used to produce goods and services and make up the workforce of a company. Every person who works at a company is part of that company's human resources.

Non-Human Resources are the inanimate objects or abstract objects (like time or money) that help satisfy the company's goals. They are the things that satisfy man's needs and can be harnessed to create wealth and are easily recognized.
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Definition of non human resources?

They are the things that satisfy man's needs and can be harnessed to create wealth and are easily recognized. Examples: Money, clothes, food, pen, pencil, tools, shelter, vehi

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For any function planning is one of the important tool.This is the 1st step.   People is the most important resource which is required to run any business or organization.

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Human resource (HR) is the set of individuals who make up the  workforce of an organization.       Human resource management (HRM) is a function in organizations