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a hunting dog is a dog that is trained to hunt
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Which types-of-dogs are hunting-dogs?

it depends on what you are hunting for but beagles, coon dogs, and golden retrievers are some of them. if you are hunting small animals like: birds, rabbits, mice, voles, etc

How do dogs hunt?

Wild or feral dogs tend to hunt in packs. A domesticated dog maychase and worry sheep, or fight with another dog, if not under thecontrol of the owner.

What is dog hunting?

using a hound to lead you to your prey, it is commonly used in cougar hunting because the dog will tree the cougar

How does dogs hunt?

It really depends on what kind of dog it is, also how it's trained. You can train dogs to hunt, but they will not do it automatically.

Which dog is a good hunting dog?

I definitely think that the Lab, the Golden Retriever, Hound Dog, and the Beagle would be the four best hunting dogs. That is, only if they go through the proper training. The

What pig hunting dog is the best pig hunting dog?

cattle dog gray hound cross pitty the best is the catahoula leopard (chase dog) and a big pit bull (catch dog) If you are just planning on running bay dogs, curs and ho
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What do dogs hunt for?

It depends on what thier master tells them to hunt
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What kind of dogs can be hunting dogs?

1.Labordor Retrievers 2.Poodles (Standard believe it or not) 3.Cocker Spaniels 4.Golden Retreivers 5.Some Collies 6. Then there is a short hard dog i can't remember
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Are boxer dogs hunting dogs?

No, they were originally bred as watch dogs. Dog organisations nowclass them as 'working dogs' though most of them are now familypets. It is thought that it was originally bre
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Why does a dog hunt?

A dog hunts for fun. however dogs do it to survive