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Falsely arrested and jailed
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How long is a 'good conduct' illegal immigrant detained before being deported?

There is a time limit to be deported. According to the Immigration Neutrality Act, ICE has 90 to deport an individual if they have been compliant in providing their travel doc

If the police detain a person with a weapon outside a car and search the car without asking is it an illegal search?

A cop is not allowed to search your car without consent UNLESS they suspect that illegal activities are going on inside the vehicle, such as an open container (alcohol) or il

What is unlawful detainer?

an unlawful detainer action is part of the process of removing a tenant for non-payment of rent, failing to meet the terms of the lease, or refusing to leave the property. it

What does detainment mean?

  aka detain:1. deprive of freedom; take into confinement   2. stop or halt   3. cause to be slowed down or delayed

What is a Immigration detainer?

What most people want to know is whether someone can get out of jail when they have an immigration detainer, hold or warrant. The answer is YES. As a former criminal prosecuto
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Is it the security has or have detained?

Since I'm guessing that you're writing a paper on the subject, security (as in airport security) is represented as a single entity, so the grammar would be 'security has detai

Can stores be sued for illegally detaining someone?

Absolutely. If a store security guard falsely detains someone causing damages to the person, the unlawfully detained person may certain seek civil action. This is why store se