What is illegal detainment?

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Falsely arrested and jailed
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What is being detained?

Answer . \nA legal definition that is best described as 'just short of arrest.' You are not free to leave, and your freedom may be restricted. Most often when a person is

How long is a 'good conduct' illegal immigrant detained before being deported?

There is a time limit to be deported. According to the Immigration Neutrality Act, ICE has 90 to deport an individual if they have been compliant in providing their travel doc

If the police detain a person with a weapon outside a car and search the car without asking is it an illegal search?

A cop is not allowed to search your car without consent UNLESS they suspect that illegal activities are going on inside the vehicle, such as an open container (alcohol) or i

What is a detainment camp?

A detainment camp is a large detention center created for political opponents, enemy aliens, people with mental illness, specific ethnic or religious groups, civilians of a cr

What is an unlawful detainer?

fraudulent default was entered agenst me because I did not answered summion and complaint due to an unlawful detaner that was field by the plaintiff to this complaint plaintif

What is unfair detainment?

when someone is put in jail for no reason or any good reason. Another View : That may be what the questioner is asking but there is no such criminal charge.

What does a do not detain mean?

A do not detain order is law enforcement's way of letting you know that they're not interested in pursuing any minor charges against you because you're under investigation for

Can stores be sued for illegally detaining someone?

Absolutely. If a store security guard falsely detains someone causing damages to the person, the unlawfully detained person may certain seek civil action. This is why store se