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The important thing in a group discussion is that when more than one mind sit together an collide then you are in a position to produce better and productive ideas, which is also called brainstorming in which you can share different ideas and implement the most relevant ones so that you benefit not only yourself but everyone in the group. Despite the fact that the evolution of online education has changed the trends group discussion are still possible virtually.
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What are the importances of group teaching?

Well, group teaching can add perspective. Learning a subject from a single person can skew your view of the subject to that of your instructor. Learning from many people can give you more of a balanced perspective and you might learn some tidbits that you wouldn't get from one teacher alone... even experts know different things and different ways to approach a subject.. For teachers, it is important to learn to teach in a group and not to monopolize all the time... it helps even when you are teaching alone, because it can help you be more aware of other things, and focus more of your time on non-lecture teaching methods.

Why are the groups important in the periodic table?

groups are important in the periodic table because from them we get to know about the chemical and the physical property of an element. we also get to know about the number of electrons in the outer most shell.

Importance of blood group?

Blood group is important especially pregnancy. It is also importantto know the blood group for transfusion of blood or transplant oforgan.

Why are the five food groups important?

The concept of five food groups was a government construct toattempt to re adjust the general public concept of nutrition. Byindicating that a healthy diet must contain elements of all fivegroups encourages less strain on the meat industry.

Why is a control group important in an experiment?

Without a control group, what would you compare your results to? How would you know if the treatments had any effect? Without a control group, there is no basis for knowing if a particular result is due to the variable being tested or to some other factor. The control group gives a set where the expected outcome is known. So when a variable is changed and if the outcome is the same as the control group, then we know to try a different variable.

What are the important food groups?

theres only 7 and youre supposed to have a certain balanced ratio of each, depending on your lifestyle, obviously more meats and proteins for muscle building, carbs for energy, different colored produce renders different benefits on the body, i believe that dairy is for digestive purposes or else i have no clue, there should be a free class at your local college or health center or wherever you would get your food handlers card that teaches you all about foods and what they do and why they are need more so or less than others.

Importance of group communication?

Group communication is important because it keeps everyone in thegroup updated at the same time. Each member of the group will beaware of any updates at the same time and it lessens to the need toexchange information to a large group individually.

What is the importance of a control group?

The control group doesn't get the drug, or the test, go through the procedure, or what ever it is you are studying. They are the "Zero" or "Baseline" that you compare all your test results to. Without a control group, you can't know if you get any results, good or bad

What is the importance of functional groups?

Functional groups help to determine how the molecule reacts. Forinstance, if a carbon chain has a large number of methyl groups,then you would know that the molecule would be hydrophobic andfound in a hydrophobic environment. On the other hand, if a carbon chain had a carboxyl group, then itwould be found in a hydrophilic environment and would make thesolution acidic. In addition to determine what kind of solutions they would be foundin, functional groups indicate what the molecule will react withand what it will bind to.

What is blood group and their importance in human?

Blood groups are a classification of the blood in a body that is based on the presence or absence of inherited antigenic substances on the surface of red blood cells. These antigens can come in a number of forms, namely carbohydrates, proteins, glycoproteins and glycolipids. The ones that are there depend on the blood group system. These red blood cell surface antigens can stem from one allele and together they form a blood group system. A person's blood group is inherited from their parents and represent contributions from both the mother and the father. The International Society of Blood Transfusion have classified a total of 30 human blood groups. It is important to have blood groups, in a medical sense, to aid successful blood transfusions. Certain people with certain blood groups can only accept blood from the same system, others have blood groups that can be accepted by most humans. Classifying blood allows hospitals to keep a supply of each group from donors ready for any transfusions that may need it. Blood donors are a crucial part to this system and although thousands of people donate blood, there is still a short supply of some of the rarer groups. Blood group systems are categorized by two sub systems. These are the ABO blood group system and the Rh blood group system. The ABO blood group system is the most important blood group system regarding human blood transfusion. The associated anti A and anti B antibodies are usually Immunoglobin M. These antibodies are produced in the first few years of life be sensitization to a variety of foods, bacteria and viruses. The Rh blood group system is the second most important blood group system for human blood transfusion. The most prominent antigen is the D antigen as it is the most likely to provoke an immune system response from the other five antigens.

How can living animals in groups be important to animals?

It provides more protection. There are more eyes to watch for predators. Some animals that live in groups are just as strong as the predator, but to eat they look down, unexpecting of an attack. For as predators, They are feeding on the target itself, chasing it down to it's last pinch of energy. Making itself known.

What are two important group fourteen elements?

That's not a very valid question becase you could argue that all the elements in that particular group are important. There are at least 4 common ones there, which are carbon, silicon, lead, and tin.

Why are the 7 foods groups important?

Because if we didn't eat them we would all be obese The food groups are important because without them people would not know how much of a certain food to get. we need the food groups because they all contain some thing e.g Sweets contain sugar (glucose) that gives us energy to move

What is the importance of the 6 food groups?

Grains are wheat, cereal, and bread; they give carbohydrates. . Fruits are apples, bananas, grapes, etc. They give us vitamins and minerals. . Vegetables are carrots, lettuce, and onions, etc. They also give us vitamins and vegetables. . Dairy is milk, cheese, and yogurt They provide calcium. . Meats and beans are beef, pork, and beans, etc. They provide protein. . Extras are junk food like chips, chocolate, etc. They make us fat. It is important to have a balanced diet. (Don't ask me why)

Importance of social groups?

we need social group in organization in order to deal with tough times that the organization may be going through.. this is because humans like to work in groups. some people might not be motivated to work individually.

Importance of control group?

Control groups are important because if you didn't have them you could not tell if the test is effect or not. For example. if testing a new medication on mice and you have three different levels (doses) and all of the mice get better, you still can not say that the decreased symptoms is due to the medication because there is no control group. The control group in this particular example would measure the effects of time. Without it you can not tell if the mice got better due to the medication, or if time alone cured the mice. Does this help?

What are the importance of MUSLIM group prayer?

We will get 27 double Kooli than Single Prayer... _________________________________________________ Muslim group prayer has many the following advantages: . It is more rewarded by God . Remind all the praying people that they are equal in front of God and only piety is the ranking factor. . Remind praying people of the merit of respecting disciplines and commands.

Why is the peer group important?

Because relationships and perceptions of peer groups are strongly linked to self-respect and self-esteem. IE if you think the like you you will like yourself a little more.

Why was the buffalo important to many groups?

Buffalo was important to many groups because they relied on the buffalo to meet many of their basic needs. It's meat was a protein-rich food. Horns and bones could be made into tools, and tendons could be made into thread. P.S. Are you getting this from America: History of Our Nation textbook?

Why is the group of seven important?

they're important because they where the only painters that didn't paint with people in their paintings also their paintings are stored in the museum (the paintings cot thousands of dollars) also they we're not caring what people say about their paintings and just continued painting the nature.

Importance of self-help group?

In a self-help group, the members share a common problem, often acommon disease or addiction. Their mutual goal is to help eachother to deal with, if possible to heal or to recover from, theproblem. Together they can get move ahead towards the life theywant.

What is each group from the main food groups important for?

Protein from the meat and bean group help to build muscle. Dairy gives you calcium. Fruit gives you vitamins and minerals. Veggies does the same plus they both give you lots of anti-oxidants. Fats supply heart healthy lipids, provided you are using the right kind of fats, such as olive oil and not lard or bacon fat. And grians supply your body with pure energy. (Carbohydrates.)

Why is it important to know your blood group?

1- It is good and important for each one to know his/her blood type, because life full of risks and accidents, so as when some one get injured from a situation, if he/she still conscious he/she will tell the doctor his blood type, and so they wont waste time in knowing it. even if doctors doesn't know the patient blood type, they could give him/her the (O) blood type because it is general donner and accepted for all types. 2- If some one from the family had an accident, and he wated blood transfusion immediatley, and his type is not available at the blood bank, you could donate blood to him/her without wasting time, if your blood type was suitable. 3- If someone needs organ transplantation, for example a heart or kidney, the blood types of donner and acceptor should be identical. 4- knowing your blood type is like an ID for you and for everyone. 5- when getting married it is important to know your Rh. type is it positive or negative, so as to compare it with your wife, if she is negative, she need to take an injection special for this situation, because the baby will be (+) if the husband is (+) , and so the injection is given to kill the Rh+ Anti-bodies that drain from the baby to the mother through Placenta at time of birth. 6- If both parents know their blood types, they can predict the kids blood types. Those are the most important tips for why it is important to know your blood type, if anyone knows more reasons please add :)

Why working as a group is so important?

Because you need team skills all tne way though your life. For example, when you get a job you most likely will be required to complete tasks as a part of a team. With out team skills, you can't get on well with people!

What is the importance of being in a group?

People chose to be in groups so that they will fit in. It makes kids feel like they have someone to cry on when they are going through a tough time in life. Or they just do to be 'Popular'

What is the importance of functional groups in organic chemistry?

99.99% organic compounds are the compounds of Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen. nitrogen and halogens but show different types of chemical properties the chemical properties depend upon the nature of functional group present in the compounds, so functional group determines the nature and properties of an organic compounds.

Why is group 18 important?

Group 18 (the noble gases) are completely made of special gases. They have a complete valence electron shell is the mainest reason they are important. They are actually not able to combine with any other element because they satisfy the octet rule (having a complete valence electron shell).

Why are laws important to religious groups?

First one needs to sort out those regulations which came directly from the Manifestation of God (Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Baha'u'llah, etc) and those that were created by clergy in every religion. The ones revealed by the Manifestation concern our actions toward God (prayer, etc.) and towards other people (kindness, mercy, etc.). The ones fabricated by priests are all the rest and a majority of them concern power and control exercised by the priestly class over the rest of the population. That is the main reason that Baha'u'llah abolished the priesthood. Such a group of people is no longer necessary now that literacy is possible for everyone and people can read the Word of God form themselves and be responsible directly to God for their actions.

What is the importance of group entrepreneurship?

The importance of group entrepreneurship is important because itprovides the economy a solid boost based on the interests andentrepreneurial wishes or insights. Therefore, this makes theeconomy stronger, because it does not focus on a specific group,but on a set of different groups to pursue their dreams oraspirations.