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nitre , sulphur and charcoal
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What does gunpowder do?

Gun powder by its self does nothing ... gun power is an incendiary meaning it burns at a high temperature... making it good to project or propel object at a great distance...

Why was gunpowder important?

Gunpowder was important because it blew my wifes hole open this is true. but they used it for mini bombs.

What did gunpowder do?

Gunpowder was used in many things such as civil war and modern guns and was also used in ancient china for many celebrations such as new years. gun powder is an explosive powd

Who supplies the gunpowder in the gunpowder plot?

No one really knows. but, Guy Fawkes served the Spanish army as an explosives expert, so it could be him. More likely though, it was taken from the tower of London. They can

Where was the gunpowder hidden?

In the Gunpowder Plot, the gunpowder was located underneath the  House of Lords. Everyone that participated in the plot was  sentenced to death.

Is gunpowder useful?

I guess gunpowder is useful but only in wars but wars aren't exactly a good thing. It can also be used for celebrations like fire works

What do you do with the gunpowder on poptropica?

On Time Tangled island, the gunpowder can blast open the rock cave at the Viking time (831 AD, 2 o'clock on the time device). The golden vase is at the bottom left inside the

How can you separate mixture of gunpowder?

Gunpowder is a mixture of nitre (potassium nitrate) , sulphur and charcoal Name of the method- filteration , evaporation and solvent extraction. Steps- 1) Put the consti