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There is a complete list of WikiAnswers guidelines in the Help Center:

* Community Guidelines * Dispute Resolution * Community Etiquette * Religion & Spirituality Guidelines * Cyberbullying * Privacy Policy
* Terms of Use
* Plagiarism Policy * What spammers and vandals need to know View the full list and different guidelines pages here: http://wiki.answers.com/help/help_center
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What do you do if someone is using inappropriate answers for WikiAnswers?

Under each answer, there is a red link that says [report abuse]. Simply click this link, and it will ask you what you would like to report. It will generate an email to alert

What is inappropriate subject matter for WikiAnswers - SPA?

This question is for the use of SPAs and other non-supervisors. Here they might move alternates that they think need to be in this catch-all category. If the SPA or non-superv

Why do the WikiAnswers Supervisors get to decide what is inappropriate and what is not?

  Well, for starters, WikiAnswers Supervisors are the most trusted and experienced contributors on WikiAnswers. They are honest and mature, and they know whether a questio

How do you report an inappropriate response to WikiAnswers?

Tell one of your supervisors who it was and say that they gave you an inappropriate response. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/WikiFAQs:The_WikiAnswers_Super_Team You can also cli

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What is inappropriate subject matter for WikiAnswers?

We know "inappropriate" can be a bit subjective, so if you're  wondering what Answers' standards are, we're here to explain!    Remember - staying safe online should b

Why does WikiAnswers have inappropriate answers?

Inapropriate answers are given by users who just want to mess up the site and ruin WikiAnswer's reputation. That is why Vandal Patrol and Supervisors are always on the look ou

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What is inappropriate on WikiAnswers?

Answer   "Not aloud on Wiki" is a shortcut question. Please do not delete it from the list of alternates. Thank you.   What is inappropriate on WikiAnswers  

Why doesn't WikiAnswers block inappropriate questions?

WikiAnswers doesn't 'block' inappropriate questions, but rather stores them so no one can answer an inappropriate question that has already been asked. It is called a 'Catch-

What is inappropriate behavior on WikiAnswers?

Here are some examples of inappropriate behavior on the site that will be not tolerated: Cursing and inappropriate language Making fun of a user on his/her message board Ina

Why does WikiAnswers allow inappropriate answers?

Please keep in mind that WikiAnswers is a wiki Q&A, and as such, anyone can edit answers, questions, alternates, and whatnot (Guests can only answer questions/edit answers to

How can you separate an inappropriately merged question on WikiAnswers?

Well, if it is a rude question you can simpley go to the little button on the top right hand screen. Its called [Improve]. You can change the question etc.   Click on the l

How do you report inappropriate usernames on WikiAnswers?

To report inappropriate usernames, you have two alternate choices. One way is to click on the link below to go to the Community Forum in the 'Report Vandalism and Abuse' sec

Are inappropriate questions on WikiAnswers deleted?

Only questions that are potentially harmful (e.g. contain a full name of a non-celebrity, telephone number etc.) or are very unlikely to be asked again (such a repeatedly usin

How do you flag a question as inappropriate on WikiAnswers?

There are two ways to flag a question on WikiAnswers. You can click on the report abuse button below the question or you can click on "flag" in the blue toolbar at the left of

What are inappropriate questions about the WikiAnswers website?

Because wiki answers never gives you the "correct" answer. They dont "know" the answers and there option is to ask the people who "know" aor think they know the answer. Some o