What is indirect equity and what do you mean by indirect equity investment?

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  1. Can be acquired by placing funds in investment companies(such a mutual fund). The investment company pools resources of many investors and reinvest them in common stock (or other investments).
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What is foreign indirect investment?

from inverstorwords.com:. A way of investing in real estate without actually investing in the property. Indirect investment can be done in many ways, including securitie

What does equity mean?

In regards to home ownership and property, equity can be seen as: Home appraisal value (minus) loan amount (equals) Equity amount It is possible to have negative equity, which

What is indirect investing?

Indirect investing means you do not buy directly the underlying, but you buy a derivative instead. For example, instead of buying Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Google, Amazon and som

What is the meaning of equity?

Equity has a few different meanings when dealing with different things such as homes or law. Overall equity means being treated fairly and equal, or having things that are eq

What does indirect mean?

Indirect means diverging from a straight line/path, not goingstraight to the point,the opposite of direct. It is used to mean a roundabout or covert method of action, interms

Meaning of equity?

Equity is a word that refers to egalitarianism. Basically, it meansthat a person or situation is dealt with fairly and equally.

What is a equity investment?

An equity investment is most commonly the purchase of an ownership interest in a publicly traded or privately held company. It could take the form of common stock or preferred

What is the difference in direct investing and indirect investing?

Indirect investing refers to a way of investing in real state without actually investing in the property. Indirect investment can be done in many ways, including securities, f

Why people are investing in equity market?

Because: a. The Equity market is one of the best asset classes for investment all over the world b. They have been giving returns of atleast 15% or more (on all years except

What is equity investment in real estate?

An equity investment, on the other hand, represents a residual interest in the property. When you are an equity investor, you are essentially the owner of the property. You st

What is meant by Indirect Investing?

The sale of a good or service by a third-party, such as a partner or affiliate, rather than a company's personnel. Indirect sales can allow a company to increase sales quickl