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one answer is to extract the flavor of a substance by placing it in a hot liquid.
For example tea bag put in hot water to make tea. The flavor escapes into the water.
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Is the infusion scary?

i have been on infusion in Blackpool pleasure beach it is so fun don't worry if you are afraid of the drop , you wont even be able to notice it. the thing about fast rides is

How long does it take to infuse 2 units of blood?

A unit of blood is recommended to be infused over 1.5 to 2 hours. Properly typed and crossed compatible blood can be infused with the same set so 2 units can be given in 3-4 h

How is it possible that fruit infused water contains nutrients that leak out of the fruit but not calories?

The amount of calories in some fruits are so small, that the amount  it puts in the water is not enough to count. For instance, an  entire lemon is only 13 calories, so the

Why do we infuse iv albumin in a person?

To treat a variety of conditions, including shock due to blood loss in the body, burns, low protein levels due to surgery or liver failure, and as an additional medicine in by

Can you infuse personal money into your LLC to pay expenses?

Absolutely. It is most often expensed as a "loan to shareholder". This classification keeps track of the fact that the money did not come from the business operations, but pla

Can an APPT lab result be drawn from a PICC Line when Heparin as been infusing?

  Yes, provided that you "pause" the infusion of heparin prior to taking your lab sample. Also, prior to drawing back blood from the PICC line infuse 10cc of Normal Saline

What is the meaning of infuse?

Infuse means to pour and is usually used in medical scenarios, for example to infuse tea or herbs for a soothing drink is to pour hot water on them. From this use it also come

Difference between infusion and transfusion?

The word transfusion is often used when referring to blood. When  you get a blood transfusion, blood is being transferred to you from  someone else. An infusion is when some

Why would a burette be incorporated into an infusion system?

  A burrette is incorporated in an infusion system in situations where fluid volume is to be strictly limited, the burrette is filled with the desired volume and fluid is

What does infusion mean?

Infusion means generate or inject something. It may be capital infusion to a company by its share holders or banker.