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coconut milk i think im also guessing that a coconut is like a half inch thick.
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What is the liquid inside young coconuts used as a substitute for?

  The cocunut water is cool in its nature. It is used for the following purposes:   1. As a summer drink as a substitute for sugary drinks like coke and pepsi.   2.

Is there a seed inside the coconut?

The coconut itself is a seed (the complete thing). The outer husk is a flotation devise and the bit inside the hard shell is the food store (and water store) for the growing e

What if when the coconut broken v get a flower from inside?

Coconut does not contain any flower When broken one can get coconut water which is mostly sweet and coconut kernel. Do ot expect to find any flower when you break open a
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Does the cavity inside a coconut contain milk?

No, it contains "coconut water". Depending on the age of thecoconut, it may be slightly milky or more watery, but it's not milkor even "coconut milk", which is made from the m

Does the cavity inside the coconut contain milk?

Coconuts contain a thin white liquid which is commonly called coconut milk. It is not at all the same as the milk secreted by mammals to feed their young.