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An intercom (intercommunication device), talkback or doorphone is a stand-alone electronic communications system intended for limited or private dialogue. Intercoms can be portable but are generally mounted permanently in buildings and vehicles. Intercoms can incorporate connections to walkie talkies, telephones, cell phones and to other intercom systems over phone or data lines and switch electronic or electro-mechanical devices such as signal lights and door latches.
Intercoms are not to be confused with "Telephone Door Entry" systems, where the 'Intercom' facility is an option available on a system in which instruments within a building can be used to intercommunicate with each other (usually a single-dwelling), or where apartments can communicate internally with a resident porter.
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How do you work the phone intercom system in the Lincoln mark VIII?

Unfortunately none of the factory cell phones in Mark VIII's are 911 compatible and cannot be activatged for new service. In many locations if you had the Mark VIII phone activated prior to the 911 compatibility law, and you have not allowed the service to lapse, you can keep it activated. Otherwise it is dead weight, sort of like the 12 pound factory 8-track player occupying the front of the console in my 1977 Pontiac Trans Am...

What is the working of intercom?

An intercom works much like a private radio or phone system. Bothunits are set to the same frequency, and when you transmit thesignal is only received by a unit on that frequency. It is possiblefor others, such as neighbors, to hear you talk if they happen tohave a device set to the same frequency.

What arae the advantages of intercom?

Intercoms help you remain safe when included in a security system.For businesses intercoms help management increase productivity byeliminating walking.

Who invented the intercom?

"Bell didn't really invent the telephone: lacked key features we associate with the phone -a ringer (invented two years after Bell's patent) -a dial (invented by Edison) Bell invented the Intercom -Edison probably did more to turn it into a telephone than anyone, We even adopt his greeting (Hello) in preferences to Bell's (Ahoy) But Bell invented something far more important -Microphones and Speakers" http://evolutionarymedia.com/cgi-bin/wiki.cgi?MediumAsInterface,template.html "Bell didn't invent the telephone, He invented microphones and speakers, As a system, he invented the intercom. Users created the telephone: By demanding ways to call multiple endpoints By requiring easier to use summons signals By creating new ways to use the telephone By adopting means of behavior" http://foulger.info/davis/presentations/spheresOfInvention.htm While Alexander Graham Bell may not have been the first to invent the telephone, he was the first to patent it. Based on his invention: "Intercommunicating Telephone System (Intercom) The Kellogg intercom phone...was patented in 1894." http://www.officemuseum.com/communications_equipment.htm

Can you use a intercom in Spain?

The authorities in Spain have not banned Intercom so it can beused. Motorcycle owners can use the Intercom system since it isversatile and reliable.

How intercom system works in general?

humans hear sounds beetwen 300herz-3.4kherz ;at this system we need to send a signal to the first spkear this signal passing the amplifier and then come to the spekar which is at the out of the circuit ;but coupling capasitör and resistörs and transistörs are important for good sound

When was the intercom invented?

The first intercom-like device was invented In the 1850's. Frenchinventor/magician Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin developed it for use inhis home.

Who invented the first intercom system?

Kellogg patented the first Intercommunicating Telephone System in1894. It was first used in apartment buildings so people knew whowas entering the apartment building.

What do you announce over the intercom during a fire drill?

Most places make no announcement over intercom pr public address systems during a fire drill. They sound the evacuation alarm (usually a bell, horn or klaxon) and people evacuate the building, just as if it were a real fire. An intercom or PA announcement may be made when the all clear is given and people reenter the building. That announcement might be something like, "This has been a drill, Thank you for your cooperation." If the intercom is the only way to alert people to the need to evacuate, then an announcement that the building is to be evacuated should be made. To make the drill most effective, it should be the same announcement that would be used in a real fire, and should not include the information that "this is a drill." So it might be something like "Attention! Attention! Please walk quickly and calmly to your nearest exit and evacuate the building." If you tell people it is a drill, some will ignore it and not evacuate - and that reduces the effectiveness of the drill.

How do you you get on the Walmart intercom?

Press #96. For most stores, press #9611. I recommend that you do NOT go on the intercom! It could give you a risk of getting kicked out, or even get arrested! (lmao at person who posted above me - they tell you exactally how but say to not do it) Employees should only use the intercom! The YouTube people who made a video being on the intercom are being idiots, and got in trouble!

How does an audio door intercom powered by solar operate?

It operates exactly the same way as any other intercom. The only difference is how it gets its power. As an example, the intercom at the following site can run on battery power, AC power, or it has a solar power option. Whatever intercom you use, you'll have to consider that an intercom near a doorway may be shielded from the sun so the solar panel will likely have to have a long cord on it. You may be able to find some sort of solar panel you can use to convert any battery-powered intercom to solar. Just look for one that has the right voltage and current output to match the intercom.

Which is the best EPABX and Intercom system?

There are various Epabx and intercom system present in the market of various companies. Speedo communication and Speedo Telecom Services Pvt. Ltd offers a large range for these products. they have tie-up with companies like Siemens, NEC, Crystal, Panasonic etc. Speedo Communication and Speedo Telecom Services Pvt. Ltd not only sell these products but also provides services to these products. As Speedo Communication and Speedo Telecom Services Pvt. Ltd is served the market for 28yrs, they are creditable.

What is an intercom commonly used for?

An intercom is an intercommunication device used to communicate to people and make announcements in a large building or serious or small buildings intercoms are commonly used in places such as school

What shops sell wireless intercom systems?

Wireless intercom systems are marketed as home security devices and can be found in most electronics or home improvement stores. They can also be found in department stores like Sears and online from retailers like Amazon.

Where can you get Intercom Security System for a good price?

You might be able to find a really good security system online at different shopping sites. ADT has some really good intercom security systems on their site online. You could also find intercom security systems in your local Lowes store.

What services does Intercom Security give?

Intercom Security provides armed security personnel for a range of situations and business scenarios. From protecting an elderly couple from the threat of home invasion, to high level corporate/executive security details.

Where can one find information about Intercom system?

If you want information specific to a brand of Intercom system companies, such as where something might be located, troubleshooting, or specifications, you should visit the company's main online site to find out more about it. In case you want to know general information, Home Depot has a very good informational article on Home Intercom Systems, which can be found through a general search.

What video services does Intercom offer?

No information in regards to video services on Intercom Online's business could be found. Plenty of information pertaining to their DSL, satellite, enterprise broadband, emergency wireless broadband, colocation, web hosting and voice services could be found but nothing detailing video services.

How much does a Nutone intercom cost?

A Nutone intercom is available in a lange price range at Amazon. The Prices are between $530 for the cheapest one and $1295 for the most expensive one.

What are some recommended home intercom systems?

A few recommended home intercom systems are the Lorex LW2704B wireless digital security system, the Chaimberlain NDIS wireless doorbell and intercom system, and the Lorex Live SD9 wireless digital security system. All of these systems retail for $500 or less, so they are affordable to the average homeowner.

How do you use the intercom on a Honda 1200 GL Goldwing?

This depends on the kind of intercom kit you have installed. The GL1200 has a five pin DIN socket which you can connect to auxiliary devices such as speakers, a wireless link to a helmet for passenger and driver communication and more long-distance communication with other motorcycle drivers. Check the DIN socket first of all then decide on what kind your auxiliary is going to be. You can buy kits for all three different purposes mentioned here. Note that the kits for the GL are different in that some are made for the 5-pin DIN while others are made for a 7-pin DIN socket. The interface kit is a small and thin "box" that has two wires, one for connecting to the DIN socket and the other for connecting with a helmet. You must therefore have an intercom helmet for this to work. Connect the intercom on the helmet with the USB cable from the interface. Then connect the DIN cable with the GL's DIN socket. With regard to the intercom helmets, they are called primary and secondary. You only have to connect the primary helmet to the motorcycle by the wire, the secondary helmet is for the passenger and it has a wireless connection to the driver's helmet.

What are some popular home intercom systems?

Some popular home intercom systems include those made by NuTone, LeGrand, and Intrasonic. Home Depot has a detailed buying guide on its website that explains in detail the difference between different types of systems and what factors to consider when shopping for an intercom system for your home.

What is the best wireless intercom system?

The best wireless intercom systems are made by AES; they provide both personal and professional systems. Their systems can be used either on one property or an entire block of flats.

How can one install own home intercom?

It would not be a good idea for one to install their own home intercom unless they are a trained electrician. If one decides to take on this project, a do it yourself manual will come in handy. These usually come with the device itself and can be purchased at most home improvement stores.

Where can one buy an intercom system for the home?

You can buy an intercom system for the home from any DIY store. They are readily available but should be fitted by a registered electrician since they are generally wired into the main electrical system.

What is the advantage of intercoms?

Intercoms can be advantageous for many reasons, including the ability to play music in all rooms where they are located, they also offer a higher sense of security and many insurance companies will discount policies when a home has an intercom system. In a commercial setting, intercoms can lead to a more professional setting and increase productivity.

What are some problems with wireless intercom systems?

Although wireless intercom systems do serve the purpose there are some drawbacks. A wireless intercom system can be vulnerable to both radio interference and security issues. With wireless intercom systems conversations can be picked up by scanners, cordless phones or baby monitors that are on the same frequency.

Where can one purchase an Aiphone intercom system?

Aiphone Intercome Systems can only be purchased at an online website that sells electronics. You can either go directly to the Aiphone website and purchase one or choose another website that offers them for sell. Other websites are Bizrate, eBay, Westside Wholesale, AC Radio Supply, or Blackbox.

Where can one purchase a video intercom system?

Video intercom systems can be purchased online from places like Amazon or eBay. This is a good option if you are familiar with various brands and know exactly what you want. If you would like to see options in person, try a hardware store such as The Home Depot.

Which services does Nutone Intercom Systems offer?

NuTone is an American company. The company manufactures products mainly for residential use. The company makes products like doorbells, intercom systems, indoor air quality products and ventilation systems.

Where can someone purchase a business intercom?

You can purchase a business intercom from ServiceMagic, eBay and Quantometrix, Teleccommunications. You can also go to Yell and find businesses that sell business intercom systems in your local area.