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What is kachha house and pakka house with drawing of both the houses?

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How do you draw a house?

Ok Make a square and then put a big triangle at the top of the square and in the middle at the bottom of hte square make a rectangle like this

How do you draw a house with an x in it?

Index: . 1=Lower left corner . 2=Upper right corner . 3=Upper left corner . 4=Lower right corner . 5=House tip (roof edge) . How to ( connect the > dots) : 1>2>3>4>

3d drawing house?

Meaning so it looks like you house something that pops out at you, Hope that answer helps you. ^...^

How do you draw a house with a cross in it?

simple..... draw a line from left to right, then up (you should have a backwards L). then from right to left (in a parallel line to your 1st line). then down to where you o

How do you determine the scale of a house drawing?

All houses have doors and the standard for door heights is 6'-8". Take your scale and find the ticks that say 6'-8" when put against the door on your plans and that's the scal

Why do you draw house?

I'm assuming you are asking why draw a building, not the actor Hugh Laurie, who plays House on the TV show. Usually you draw what you know, and most people know their own hous

Who draws the House districts?

State governments, theoretically. The state legislature passes a plan and the governor signs it usually. When the legislature is controlled by a different party than the gover

What is pakka house?

Pakka house is house which is built of cement, iron and bricks and the type of pakka house are bunglow, multistories and flat.

How do you draw a 3d house?

-Google SketchUp is the best program I've seen for 3D drawing on the PC -As for hand drawing, Isometric drawings are the easiest to represent a 3D house :D
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A paragraph on pakka house?

Pakka in Hindu means exact and sure. There is pucca or pukkahousing which can be built with timber, concrete, cement, brick, orstone.

How many amps does a House draw?

Impossible to tell without a meter. Most homes are wired with a 60amp or 100amp (max) Panel. Checking how many amps are being drawn off a main hot wire should do the trick.