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Lemon pith is the white lying under the rind , between the rind and the pulp.
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What is a pithed frog?

  ANSWER:   A pithed frog is a frog that has its spinal cord or cerebral cortex pierced, severed or scrambled in order to kill it or make it insensible for experiment

What is banana pith?

Pith is the soft fibrous tissue lining the rind, or peel, of a given fruit. It's very good for you. On bananas it is the stringy white stuff that sometimes sticks to the fruit

What is pith?

Central spongy area of stem of most flowering plants. White material between peel and fruit of an orange. Used as a liner in helmet's in India, hence the term Pith Helmet.

What is a pith ball?

Lightweight pith balls help to show electrostatic attraction and repulsion.   A pith ball picks up electric charge.    

What does pith store?

As unpleasant tasting as they are, the exocarp (peel) and the pith (fibrous, spongy white portion inside) contain high levels of essential oils, bioflavonoids, fatty acids & p

Why are safari pith helments called pith helmets?

Pith is the inner heart of trees. It's removed from the inside of certain trees, just like cork is removed from the exterior of certain oak trees, or natural rubber is bled fr

What is the health benefits of grapefruit pith?

grapefruit pith contains a lot of fiber. with the pith, grapefruits contain six grams of fiber, and only two grams without it. according to 'associated content' from yahoo, it

What is a pith of an orange?

the pith of an orange is the protective layer around the fruit/pulp. It is a transparent/white colour and has about the same number of vitamins as the skin Hope this helped
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What does pithed mean?

Pithed means to remove the pith from the spinal cord, effectively  paralyzing and most likely killing the organism. This technique is  used many times with frogs to assure t