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Tunisia is a country, an Arab country much like Europe in its living rhythm and its life style. what you'll find in Tunisia is what you'll find in any other community; people, customs, traditions... you can have a look at it using google earth, look under Europe, Italy you'll find Africa, in the extreme north of Africa there is Tunis, a mixture of many races there, from nordic Windles to Arab.
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Where is Tunisia?

Tunisia, officially the Tunisian Republic, is a country situated on the Mediterranean coast of North Africa. It is the northernmost African country and the smallest of the nat

What is the weather like in Tunisia in January?

\nIn January Tunisia have Cold weather, varies between 10 and 19 degrees Celcious. However, for Europeans or USA citizens or any foreigner used to cold, it is adviseable to ta

What is Tunisia like?

You have to consult Google earth to know exactly the position of Tunisia. It is a small country in north Africa , under Italy and France. Situated in the mediteranean sea and

What is Tunisia?

Tunisia is a country on the Mediterranean Sea, bordered on the west by Algeria, and on the southeast by Libya. In December 2010 and January 2011, it was heavily featured in

Why do tourists like to go to Tunisia?

\nTourists like to go to Tunisia because it is a small nice country situated in north Africa, under Italy if you look at the world map. \nthey like Tunisia because it is peace

What is the weather like in Tunisia in June?

Now we are in June and the weather is usually crazy in Tunisia! itis neither hot nor cold for a Tunisian, but for a Foreigner it isqualified as hot. temperature varies between

What is there to do in Tunisia?

There are a lot of beaches you can swim in. You can also go to the desert for camel and quad bike rides. Lots of people from different countries go there for the summer.

What is the weather like in Tunisia?

According to Wikipedia, Tunisia's climate is temperate in the north, with mild rainy winters and hot, dry summers. The south of the country is desert. The terrain in the north

What does the Tunisia flag look like?

There is a moon and a star in the middle with a white circle circling it and the outside of the circle is red. The moon and the star are both red.

What are the landforms like in Tunisia?

well as u can see tunisia often has a hot climate, even in winter the weather is mild, so just observe if it has hot climate and is found in north africia then it has desserts

When was Tunisia first called Tunisia?

The word Tunisia is derived from Tunis, a central urban hub and thecapital of modern-day Tunisia. The present form of the name withits Latinate suffix, -ia evolved from French
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What can you do in Tunisia?

You can visit Carthage, one of the biggest civilizations, you may know "Hannibal" the greatest leader the world ever know. Also, you can do a lots of other activities. I ad
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What is Tunisia like as a holiday destination?

Tunisians are aware that tourism is one of the sollutions to recover its economy , so they are doing their best to make Tunisia home for newly-wed couples, retirees, teenagers