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mangekyou sharingan is that secong form of the sharingan activated as done by itachi uchiha. this form of the sharingan is attainable by killing your best friend and it will automatically be available to you. every mangekyou sharingan looks different but not every one of them have different techniques. for example, although itachi's and sasuke's mangekyou sharingans look very different, they have the same techniques (tsukyomi in the right eye, amaterasu in the left and susano'o is a fusion of both). kakashi hatake has a mangekyou sharingan that he copied from itachi when itachi used tsukyomi on him (being so skilled being called the copy ninja) and kakashi does not have tsukyomi, amaterasu or susano'o. he instead has a doujutsu (eye technique) that creates a dimesional rift that acts as a black hole. this is seen in the chase of deidara where he sucked both of deidara's arms into this separate dimension and when Pain tried to kill him with the nail he suck it into a differnent dimension (although kakashi died from chakra exhaustion).
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