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What does quite mean?

Quite is a way of rephrasing "rather". I'm not Quite sure...

What does Voluntarily quit mean?

Voluntarily Quit It just means that she doesn't work there anymore. Layed off, fired, quit, died, etc. They aren't allowed to give a reason. . I worked at a

What does quite attractive mean?

I believe that quite is the English version of our word very. So in a sense, he's saying you're very attractive. So if anyone ever tells you this, tell him thank you very much

What does quit mean?

Quit means to stop or give up on something.

What does why can't I quit you mean?

The phrase "Why can't I quit you?" Implies one, that the person is addicted to the subject, and two, the person wants to know why they can not seem to break this addiction.

What does hit it then quit it mean?

Have sex with a woman and then drop her. Don't play her game of wanting to talk or be close friends (it's just her trying to be your full-time woman)
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What does quite the charmer mean?

It means that that person is a smooth talker and can attract attention easily. For example a snake charmer plays smooth music and gets the snake's attention.
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What does the term quit am means?

In common law, a writ of qui tam is a writ whereby a private individual who assists in a prosecution can receive all or part of any penalty imposed upon them. It is derive fro