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Systems Applications and products http://www.saptips.com/SAPDefined.asp
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What do you mean by ascent of sap?

Plant sap and tree sap originate in the roots and then climb to nourish the leaves. We take advantage of this ascension in maple trees. When their sap begins to ascend in the

What does Activity types mean SAP?

Activity types are required for internal activity allocation and serve as tracing factors for costs and can be used to measure the internal activities, to enter them manually,

What do sapping and tunneling mean?

Sapping means to dig a deep trenches in the ground and tunneling is a way in which data is transferred between two networks securely. CoUrTnEy

What do you mean by sap crm?

SAP CRM is a Customer Relationship Management tool/solution designed by SAP that integrates all the functions of an enterprise with real time data update.. Hope this helps..

Meaning of SAP FICO?

Sap : systems applications products in data processing of a business process. Fico : fi : finance co : controlling

What does sapping mean?

The verb to sap means to weaken something.. Sapping means weakening - it is often found with the word 'strength' - a particularly long-drawn-out oirdeal is said to "sap one

What is the meaning of morale -sapping scenario?

Your question isn't very clear; however, something Morale-sapping would be something that took the morale or "willingness" right out of you. . For example: finding out that t

What does it mean when you use the word sap?

Context is everything: Sap can be the stuff Maple Syrup is made of, or it can be a leather-covered flexible hand-held weapon, or can be a method of piercing, or even wearing s
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What is mean by sap consultant?

People who are working in SAP is called as SAP Consultant. Various types of consultants are there according to their roles. From Programming to sales

What SAP means?

There are hundreds of meanings, I am going to put my version. - . Systems and Programming . -You will get many more answers if you mention the context this acronym is u