What is meant by economizing?

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What people usually seem to mean is to cut costs. Putting less into a product or service in hopes of getting more out of it. There is a limit though to economizing. You can cut or control people wages for so long before they look for work elsewhere. You can find less expensive inputs into the products you make but quality eventually suffers. Economizing is fine so long as you keep it in perspective or you'll find economize can cost a lot in the end.
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What is the economic?

The science that studies human behavior as a relationship between ends and scarce means which have alternative uses.

What is economic?

The adjective "economic" applies to an "economy", often specifically to some region, country, state, or local area. Economics includes retail sales, trade, public works, capital management, and other financial activity. It pertains to fiscal activities by governments, corporations, and private busin (MORE)

What is meant by the term socio-economic?

issues involving the economy and the social lives of citizens. Answer: (merged from discussion) This term can be defined in a bit easier way by saying that it involves the good use of resources for betterment of society.

What is meant by heterogeneous goods in economics?

Goods or services that pertains to the same function. They are close substitutes with distinguishable features i.e. different packaging, shape size etc, unlike Homogenous goods which are undifferenciated

Why do you have economics?

Personally I don't "have" it, however the subject is regarded as a necessary part of living on both a personal level and on a national one. Economics provides us with the means of describing and to some degree understanding the relationship between the efforts that we make and the value of the resul (MORE)

What are economics?

Economics is the branch of social science that studies the production, distribution , and consumption of goods and services . The term economics comes from the Greek for oikos (h. ouse) and nomos (custom or law), hence "rules of the house(hold). Modern economics developed out of the b (MORE)

What is economize?

To economize is lower expenses, to spend less on monthly bills.When it comes to a car, to economize means to spend less on fueland other costs incurred.

What is meant by economic system?

economic system means the economic atmosphere of the country.It means which type of system a country have whether it have socialist economy,capitalistic economy or mixed economy.

What are you meant to do?

Truthfully, this could go under the philosophy section. Our purpose on Earth has been a subject that has tried the minds of philosophers and great thinkers since time immemorial. It is what inspired religion, founded science. Yet over thousands of years, the question is unanswered. That's because th (MORE)

What is economics about?

Economics is about a government's or a society's exchange of goods and services. For instance, the tax system, tax rates, national debts, finances, banking systems, jobs/income, stocks, and everything else that is related to money. One section of economics is the theory of what you can do with a (MORE)

What is economics?

The branch of social science that deals with the production, consumption and distribution of goods, services and their management. This includes capital and raw materials as well as labor and more abstract resources. Economics can be defined as the study of human commercial transactions and the var (MORE)

What is meant by economic recession?

Recession means decrease in the employment rate, investment rate, profit rate of the economy, Idea of a downswing/downturn in a business or trade cycle. The Economic growth will be negative. If the recession period increase then this will be called depression.

What is meant by the term socio economic?

The term socioeconomic refers to how economic and social activitiesaffect one another. Many disciplines such as ethics and socialphilosophy fall under this umbrella.

What is an economic?

Economics is mainly the study of how people and society chose utilize their scarce resources to satisfy their unlimited needs and wants. When there is limited resources you will have a choice in which what needs and wants will you fully utilise them in and this this where the concept of (MORE)

Explain what is meant by the basic economic problem?

Economic problem is the problem regarding allocation of limited resources for the production of alternative goods and services. in other words, economic problem is the 'problem of choice'. Since the resources are scarce and they have alternative uses, there arises the problem of choice regarding the (MORE)

What is meant by the term global economic crisis?

The term 'global economic crisis' refers to the current period of global recession from a period of very fast growth, brought on by poorly controlled economic conditions. Although it was present in many of European countries, the main cause is said to be irresponsible 'sub-prime' lending by banks (MORE)

What is meant by classical economics and keynesian economics?

Classical economics is more of a right wing take on the economy. The essential belief behind it is that markets will sort out themselves when in trouble. Classical economists don't believe that increased demand can get us out a recession and that increasing the efficiency of the economy is the only (MORE)

How can we use purchasing mmanagement function to solve global economic meant down?

' http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How can we use purchasing mmanagement function to solve global economic meant down ' IN A NUT SHELL.............. good luck. The movement of money is the fundamental portion that must be met for an economy of any stage to continue growth. 1). The promise of payment gen (MORE)

What economics is about?

One section of economics is the theory of what you can do with a limited supply. For example, money in the economy and how different elements can increase or decrease everyones wealth, eg technological innovations, depreciation etc. It is also the study of the person. Rational thinking, happiness (MORE)

In economics what is meant by global markets?

Global Markets means exactly what the word implies the markets in general worldwide, for example when the gas prices were high, they were not just high in the us market but also mostly world wide in the global market. You can just google the word World Market and click on the links that lead you to (MORE)

What is the economic about?

Modern Definition of Economics Prof.A.C.Dhas defines economics as " The study of choice making by individuals, institutions, societies, nations and globe under conditions of scarcity and surplus towards maximizing benefits and satisfying the unlimited present and future needs .". In short, ac (MORE)

What is meant by economizing resources?

Economizing of recourse's is meant by that an economy produces the highest combination of quantity and quality of goods and services given its technology and scares resources.

What you can you do with economics?

If you're wanting to know job opportunities - alot of things! Economics is a good well rounded subject to have, but it depends what other experience you have. Economist, policy analyst, consultant, business advisor are just a few options.

What is meant by economic resource?

those resources which are used for economic activity are called economic resources . this is usually known as F.O.P land labour capital manager

Explain what is meant by the economic risk of a nation Use a specific country as an example?

The possibility that an economic downturn will negatively impact an investment. For example, launching a luxury product immediately before or during a recession carries a great deal of economic risk. Economic risk is closely related to political risk as government decisions impacting the economy may (MORE)

What is meant by economic resources?

The fators on which the economy depends are called the Factors of production.These factors are in fact the agents of production.They are used to assist the production of goods and services.The Factors used in the production process are called the IMPUTS and the resulting finished goods are called th (MORE)

What is meant by the basic economic problem of scarcity?

Scarcity is where there is insufficient and inadequate amounts of something. In economies, resources are scarce, or limited due to the producer, consumer and government demand for them. Every resource in the world is scarce, or in short supply so economics studies and addresses the scarcity by showi (MORE)

What is meant by ninja economics?

1. A covert agent or mercenary of economics specializing in unorthodox arts of economics. The functions of the ninja included espionage, sabotage, infiltration, and assassination, as well as open economic combat in certain situations. 2. A passive-aggressive economic policy. 3. To travel in disg (MORE)

Said what he meant and meant what he said?

Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland. No, actually Horton in Horton Hatches an Egg. "I meant what I said and I said what I meant; an elephant's faithful one hundred per cent."

What is meant by Micro and Macro Economics?

Micro Economics:- It is that part of economic theory which studies individual units of economy. For eg: Individual firm, Individual income, Individual household Macro Economics: It is that part of economics theory which studies the economy as a whole. For eg: National income, price level, capital (MORE)

What is meant by do what you can with what you have where you are?

It means to make the best of what you have, what you can do with it and the best of where you are at the time. Say you're camping and there's no electricity so you can't plug in your electric coffee pot. You have coffee, drinking water, a pot. You're in the woods so you have wood that you can sta (MORE)

What is meant by economizing behavior?

Economics is about making efficient uses of scarce resources. This is about learning how people in their daily lives make decisions of allocating scarce amount of resources - time and budget - they possess, to meet their numerous desires. At occasions many of you may have wished you had more incom (MORE)

What is meant by scope of economics?

The scope of business economist expends to those fields of activity which are earned out bybusiness organisations ,business economists is concerned with solving all problems pertaining to business affairs.it referrs to policies of planing and development of business .The matter of bussiness economic (MORE)

What is meant by the post war in the national economic order?

Most of the time, anyone talking about the post war period, is referring to the period following WW II (which ended in 1945). However, when they talk about the antebellum South (antebellum meaning before the war) they mean the Civil War, not WW II.

What is meant by the phrase Austrian Economics?

What is meant by the phrase Austrian Economics is the way economists look at the market.Carl Menger , the founder of the Austrian School, spelled out the subjective basis of economic value and showed how money originates in a free market.

What is meant by 'What can you do'?

The question or interrogatory, 'What can you do' (followed with aquestion mark) asks a person to state or list the knowledge orskills they possess to handle a particular circumstance or problem.For examples: . The man asked the washer repair person 'What can you do?' Hehoped the repairman knew the (MORE)

What is meant by the term 'economic stagnation'?

The term 'economic stagnation' means a period of slow economic growth. Depending on the definition of the term, this means growth less than around 2% per year or significantly less than the growth predicted by experts. Causes can be poor economic policy, catastrophes and demographic developments.

What is meant by the economical term signaling?

In the field of economics the term signalling is where a party or group credibly shares information about itself with another party. One common example would be a job applicant provides education credentials which shows a credible ability in that area of study.

Is Fascism a popular economic system meant to help working people.?

It was initially intended to be such. Benito Mussolini had gottenhis start in politics as a Socialist writer and theorist, but hebroke with the Italian Socialists during World War I. After thewar, he was one of the major founders of Fascism, and, whileFascism was decidedly right-wing (in many ways, (MORE)