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Mentally unstable refers to when a person's mental abilities are not steady and consistent resulting in an inability to cope with life effectively. They have difficulty dealing with everyday life and make poor choices that end up causing them more difficulty. It can be marked by anxiety, excessive worrying, aggression, becoming upset easily, temper tantrums (especially in public when most people try to control their emotions), moodiness, extreme highs and lows, depression, delusions, substance abuse, etc.

It should be evaluated by a professional and can be treated.
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What if your friend is mentally unstable?

  Encourage them to get help. If you know they have a condition or a specific mental illness, you can read up on it and try to find ways to help them deal. (Do NOT try to

How do you know if you're mentally unstable?

  when you're starting to get mood swings, be on your toes. it's only going downhill from there. watch out for depression, panic attacks and numbness.

Was Hitler mentally unstable?

no, Hitler was mentally unstable........that would'NT be a correct phrase.......infact he was a megalomaniac. a "megalomaniac" is a person who craves power,wealth,status or ge

A mentally unstable person likes me what do I do?

People can be mentally unstable in many ways and its not always a bad thing. If you're in a school for example then be his/hers friend as much as needed. No one really likes t

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As long as one's devotion is done on his/her own body, it is a deadly sad way to cope with inner suffering. Much better it would be to seek for psychological help, but it's a

What should I do if my wife is mentally unstable?

  If your wife is mentally unstable then you need to realize that she has no place in a stable marriage. My wife was mentally unstable and popped xanax's and drank everyda

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How do you help someone who is mentally unstable?

Let me start by saying that I, for one, appreciate your wishing to understand someone else's mental state. I've been suffering with Major Depression for 6 years now and with t

What is meant by an auditing independent mental attitude?

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How do you break up with someone who is mentally unstable but with whom you have 3 kids?

  You might have to leave while he's away if you think he will become violent. Go to a womens shelter. They will put you and your three kids up for a while. They can also