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An unsigned char is a byte; its value can be between 0 and (2^8) - 1 (i.e., 0-255).
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Difference between const char and char const?

const char *p means the char value pointed by 'p' is constant we can't change anyway but the address(location) of 'p' can change. char const *p means the char value pointed by

What is an unsigned opinion of the court?

It is called a per curiam opinion. The judges remain anonymous because a majority if not all of the judges agree on the ruling and not one single judge/minority is writing the

What is the char force?

  Char force is a term Marine Security Guards use for the cleaning people that need to be escorted in classified workspaces in embassies.

What is charring in chemistry?

Charring is the chemical process of incomplete or interrupted combustion of solids when subjected to high heat intensities. When we subject a solid to heat, charring interfe

What is an unsigned editorial?

In most newspapers, there is an opinion page, where various columnists express their views on the issues of the day; these columnists have a by-line at the beginning of the ar

What is an unsigned integerWhat is significance of declaring a constant unsigned?

With a signed integer, the top bit is used to hold the sign of the number, so that the range of numbers that can be held is -(2number_of_bits-1) to 2number_of_bits-1 -1, where

What are unsigned drivers?

an "unsigned" driver is one that has NOT been tested, approved, or have an electronic signature placed on it by Microsoft. .

What is carbon char?

Carbon char is the remaining residue following the incomplete combustion of a hydrocarbon. This occurs in some polymers with a char-forming tendancy such as cellulose (contain

Is an unsigned will valid?

No. A will must be signed. It's worth getting it done properly too cos I've heard there've been cases on self-written wills being rejected because of little mistakes! I got mi

What is an unsigned integer?

Having an unsigned integer means that the integer is positive, and not negative; literally, the integer is unsigned and assumed to be positive.   The unsigned integer 8 is

What is the abbreviation of unsigned?

  In php you don't have to (and can't) specify the type or size of integers, tis is made automatically.   therefore there isn't an unsigned keyword and no abbrevation f

What are unsigned domain names?

An unsigned domain name is basically an unregistered .com, .net, .info, .org, .me etc. internet address. I also found UnsignedDomains.com, an ICANN accredited domain name regi