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a person of racially mixed ancestry, esp., in Latin America, of mixed American Indian and European, usually Spanish or Portuguese, ancestry, or, in the Philippines, of mixed native and foreign ancestry.
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Who are the Mestizo people?

Mestizo (Portuguese, Mestiço; French, Métis: from Late Latin mixticius, from Latin mixtus, past participle of miscere, "to mix") is a term of Spanish origin used to designate people of mixed European and indigenous non-European ancestry. The term has traditionally been applied mostly to those (MORE)

What best describes mestizos in mexico?

Mestizo is the original Spanish term for an individual who has mixed white/European (Spanish, Portuguese, French) and Native American descent. A more modern, broad definition of Mestizo is used when referring to anyone of mixed European and non-European (excluding African) heritage. African-Europ (MORE)

If 94 percent of Costa Rica's population is white AND mestizo what percentage is mestizo?

nobody really knows, Costa Rica never had a large Amerindian population and many died out. Many Ticos could have Amerindian ancestors but they don't know about it because it was very long ago. For the most part a lot of Ticos are of predominently Spanish descent with a potential chance of a little b (MORE)

What was the god named mestizo known for?

Mestizo isn't a god; it's a word from Latin's mixticius, meaning mixed and originally referred to thoseof mixed blood between a Jew and Egyptian. Now it is a termtraditionally used in Spain and Spanish-speaking America to mean aperson of combined European and Native American descent.

Who were the mestizos?

The term Mestizo was used to describe a marriage of a Filipino woman and a Spaniard man. Today, however, it is used to describe any person that is indigenous (i think that's how you spell it) and European people of mixed Indian and European background

What is the mestizo religion?

There is no Mestizo religion. However, since most Mestizos live in regions that were formerly part of the Spanish Empire, most Mestizos are nominally Roman Catholic, as are most of the people in general in those regions.

What is a mestizos?

n. , pl. , -zos, or -zoes. A person that Spainiards called people of mixed European and Indian ancestry.

What are mestizo traditions?

The Mestizo of Corozal and Orange Walk in Belize retain a nine-night celebration at Christmas, called the Posada, whereby they go from house to house asking for 'posada' or shelter. Other customs which they practice are Fajina, Novenas, Mascarado or Carnival. Folklore characters associated with the (MORE)

Why did mestizo happen?

It was one of several race combinations held by the mix of Europeans, Native Americans and African people brought as slaves during the colonization of the Americas. Mestizos are the mix of European and Native Americans.

Information about mestizo?

WHAT IS A MESTIZO?!? . A cat or an animal with strong and pointy ears. Mostly Grey/gray and black. . true definition. dont believe anyone elses * by superxdudez on youtube

What is mestizo and mulatto?

Mestizo - Someone of mixed European and ameridian ancestry. Mainly Mexicans are mestizo, they have spanish and native American ancestry. There are many mestizo in Mexico,El salvador,Honduras,Paraguay and other latin American countries. Mulatto - Someone of European and African ancestry. A good ex (MORE)

What percent of Mexicans are Mestizos?

Ethnicity isn't included in Mexican census, though it is estimated that 60% of Mexicans are mestizos, 30% are of native or mostly native origin, and 10% are caucasic.

What is the name of the mestizo tools?

There are (were) so tools that were used only or mostly by Mestizos. Mestizo means "mixed" and Mestizos are simply the children of mixed parentage, people having parents from two different cultures. As the term is used mostly in the lands conquered by Spain, one parent of a Mestizo was of Spanish de (MORE)

What part of the world do mestizos live?

In general, the countries believed to have a majority mestizo population today are Mexico, with the largest population Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Guatemala, Paraguay, and Venezuela. In Bolivia and Peru, mestizos form the second largest group.

What nation has mestizos?

Most American countries (including the United States); from Canada in North America to Argentina and Chile in South America.

What people speak mestizo?

There is no mestizo language. Mestizos are people of mixed parentage, usually one parent of Spanish descent and one of native American descent. Mestizos speak the languages of one or both of their parents, just like every other child.

Is calling a person mestizo an insult?

Only by the person saying it. Mestizos are an indigenous group of Mexico that is only somewhat mixed with Spaniards, and are identifiable because, in general, they are smaller, darker skinned and have smaller facial features. It's a sort of class discrimination as well , only based on the perceptio (MORE)

How can you use mestizos in a sentence?

Mestizos are Latin Americans that are of mixed European and NativeAmerican descent. An example of a sentence using the word"mestizos" is "The vast majority of Latinos are either Caucasiansor mestizos. "

From where the mestizos came?

los mestizo viniero por que los españoles violaban a las mujeres tuvieron hijo mestizos . los mestizo viniero por que los españoles violaban a las mujeres tuvieron hijo mestizos

Why is it that the majority of mexicans today are mestizos?

Unlike other countries where segregation practices were common (i.e.: the United States), after Mexican independence most Mexican people began to integrate inter-racially. Nowadays mestizos comprise 60-80% of the population. See the related links section for a good example of Mexican mestizos.

What religion are Mestizo?

Mestizo is an ethnicity (half white/European, half Amerindian) not specific to any given religion. All mestizos throughout Latin America have many religions, ranging from Roman Catholic, Protestant, Muslim or Jewish, to Mormon, Jehovah's witnesses, Buddhists and of course, many atheists.

What is the tradition of a Mestizo?

Mestizo is an ethnicity (half white/European, half Amerindian) not specific to any given culture. All mestizos throughout the Americas have many traditions, from Chicanos who have a mix of American and Mexican traditions, to Peruvians, Guatemalans and Bolivians who have very distinctive traditions t (MORE)

What are creoles and mestizos?

the creoles were people of Spanish blood who were born and raised in Latin America and the mestizos where a large class of people of mixed race

What is Mestizo folklorico?

The name given to a San Antonio, TX dance school specializing in Mexican Folklorico dance. The name mestizo is a term traditionally used in Latin America and Spain for people of mixed European and Native American heritage or descent.

Are Creoles and mestizos the same?

No. Mestizos are people who are part Native American and Part Hispanic. Creoles are people who speak Creole languages. Most Creole speakers are not Mestizo.

What are mulattos and mestizos?

Im mulatto. A mulatto is a person who has a one parent that is white and the other black. A mestizo is a native American and European person. Hope this helped :)

How were the mestizos and genizaros different?

Mestizos are half Spanish and half Indian. They can be of the upper elite class as many were, or of the poor rural an urban classes, depending on their parents economic and social status. Genizaros are Indian Slaves. They were the poorest and most socially marginalized people in Colonial New Mexico. (MORE)

Why are some Mexicans mestizos?

To conquer the Aztec civilization in the 16th century, Spanish conquistadors had the help of some minor Mesoamerican tribes, being the most important the Tlaxcalans. Unlike what most people think, Hernan Cortes and his men didn't finish-off the Aztecs by themselves. After Mexico's conquest, Taxca (MORE)

Which Celebrities are Mestizos White Hispanics?

Christina Aguilera, Jessica Alba, Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice), Ryan Cabrera, Rosario Dawson, Cameron Diaz, Alexa Vega, Raquel Welch, Desi Arnaz Jr. These are White Hispanic Celebrities.

What does the term Mestizo refer to in Spain?

The word "mestizo" is derived from the Latin word "mixticius". In Spain, mestizo refers to "mixed" and is applied to individuals whose heritage is a mix of European and American Indian.

Is Mexico a mestizo country?

Yes. Most Mexicans are Mestizos, people of mixed European ("White")and Native American background. They account for 60-80% of theMexican population (between 67 up to 90 million in 2010).

What percentage of Mexico's people are mestizos?

60-80% of the population are mestizos (67 up to 90 million in2010). This figure cannot be precise, as mestizos are the result ofseveral generations of Spanish European and Native Americaninterracial marriages. If you trace the genetic make up of Mexicanpeople, approximately 90% of the overall popula (MORE)

In Mexico what does mestizo mean?

It is the "ethnicity" of someone with both European and Native American ancestry. The majority (60-80%) of the Mexican population is mestizo to some degree, as racial segregation was less common during colonial times, and completely abolished once Mexico became independent, in 1821.

What is the difference between mestizos and Mexicans?

Mestizo is a racial definition, while Mexican is a nationality. Mestizos are people of both Native American AND white Caucasianancestry; they are the product of interracial marriages betweenSpanish conquistadors and Native American peoples during the Age ofExploration. Now, Mexican would be the te (MORE)

What is a mestizo in Mexico?

Mestizos are the result of interracial marriages between Native American people and Spanish conquistadors, who conquered and settled Mexico since the 16th century. Nowadays, between 60 and 80% of the current population is considered mestizo; genetically speaking, most mestizos have 70% of genetic c (MORE)

What do peninsulares creoles mestizos have in common?

All of them conformed the society of present-day Latin Americaduring colonial times. . Peninsulares were people born in Spain, and held the highestpositions in government and industry. . Creoles (Spanish: criollos ) were people of Spanishancestry born in the Americas. . Mestizos were the peop (MORE)

What privileges did the mestizos have?

During Spanish colonial rule in the Marianas, the term mestizo ( mestisu in Chamorro) referred to aperson of mixed parentage. In its original context, as it was usedin the Philippines, the term mestizo, denoted people who were ofmixed Chinese and Spanish descent. By the mid-19th Century,however, t (MORE)