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What is money paid for the use of someone Else's money called?

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How do you send money from your account to someone else's?

if they are from the same bank you should be able to send to other acct wih online banking. if they are at a different bank than yours, its an email money transfer. other part

Can I put money in a parking meter for someone else's car?

Anyone can put money in a parking meter for someone else, but this activity, called re-metering, is illegal in some cities. An enterprising type of individual arose some years

Can I deposit my money order into someone else's bank account?

The holder of an account takes responsibility for the outcome of any check deposited into their account. Thus, the bank may require that the person who owns the account also s

If your name is on someone else's bank account are you entitled to that money?

If you are an equal co-owner of the account, then yes. However, if you are listed as an account beneficiary, then only upon the death (or incapacitation) of the primary accoun

Does a significant increase in accounts payable indicate slow paying of bills or use of someone else's money?

It could indicate that the company is taking longer to pay its bills: this could be a strategic management decision (e.g. Disney decided a few years ago that it would only pay