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Moral strength is to do just because it is right without involved emotions from nowhere. True moral strength is deeply from spirit but not from ego and emotions we cann't choose. Only when we are clearly conscious of what are happening on ourselves, i.e., every idea and every emotion, can we be free from control of unintelligible emotions and can we be said to be free in a negtive way. And this is the start point of the coming of moral strength. We can't understand it without insights of freedom.
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What is morality?

Answer Morality is the force of "how to be" in this human existence. "How TO BE" is the force of "being" in this world. As we exist, we be. How we be is the question of w

What is moral?

Nothing is necessarily moral or immoral. Morality is a very old notion which is being replaced with the concept of ethics. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morality

What are moralities?

morality is the interest in the difference of good and evil, good conduct and bad conduct, motivations based on the idea of good. Morals, early on were decided upon by a given

Deprive a man of his dignity and you not only deprive him of his moral strength but you also make him useless?

Jose Rizal (Filipino revolutionary hero) penned an essay with theprinted in La Solidaridad newspaper with the title of 'Sobre LaIndolencia de los Filipinos' (The Indolence of

Why be moral?

you need to be moral for many reasons. First of all you need to be moral to get to heaven. On judgment day immorality will not help you at all. So if you want to get to heaven

Why you be moral?

Answer:. The 3 practise of Buddhism are morality, meditation and wisdom. Morality is a stepping stone to meditation which leads to wisdom.. Meditation requires full focus an

What are Moral?

Answer Moral, an adjective word, which deals with the principles of right and wrong of human character. Its a code of behavior, considered right or good or acceptable.

What is in moral?

I think you're asking "What is Immoral?" If so, morals are rules a society as a whole chooses and agrees to live by, so anyone, anything, or practice, that breaks down that so
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A story whose moral is union is strength?

A long ago, there lived a jeweler. He was satisfied with the fact that, he had a prosperousbusiness and had three sons to look after the business after him. Everything was goi
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What can be a moral?

Morals are the principles that are learnt about the differences of right and wrong
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What is a morals?

Morals are the conclusion or end.
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