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What is more distal the wrist or shoulder?

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Distal is away from the center of body trunk or point of attachment. The wrist is farther away from center of body trunk. Proximal is closest to the body central axis or point of attachment, so the shoulder is proximal.
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Is the distal convoluted tubule more permeable to water than solutes?

No, The DCT is impermeable to water. Solutes (Na and Cl) are absorbed from the DCT. As a consequence the osmolality of tubular fluid DECREASES as it moves through the distal c

The shoulder is distal to the hand?

Distal means closer to the bodies trunk. So no the hand is distal to the shoulder the shoulder is proximal to the hand.

Is the wrist proximal to the shoulder?

    nope. easy way to remember: proximal=proximity, hence closer to the body, and distal=distance, hence further away from the body. so the wrist is distal to the sh

What bones are distal to the wrist?

The metacarpal bones are the bones distal to the wrist. metacarpals The five hand bones between the carpal bones of the wrist and the phalangeal bones of the fingers are the m
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Does wearing ankle and wrist weights help burn more calories?

Yes difinitely. By wearing just 11 lbs, 5 lbs on my ankles and 6 lbs around my waist on a belt, I lost my last ten lbs, which I had a really hard time taking off. Yes yes yes,

What muscle flexes the wrist and distal phalanges?

There are more than one. There are 30 muscles that work the hand. The flexor carpus radialis, flexor carpus ulnaris, and palmaris longus muscles working together flex the hand