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What is multimedia projector its working and types?

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regarding throw of image these can be divided into three classes i.e medium range, short throw(st)and ultra short throw (ust) and regarding working it has two basic types i.e 3lcd and dlp. 3lcd is good (4-5 hr) for continuous prolong work, with comparatively poor resolution, whereas dlp provide high resolution but meant for short use i.e 45-60 min than rest needed coz it dont have fan cooling system (answer by shahid jamal) shahidjb@gmail.com
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What is a multimedia projector?

A multimedia projector would be one that can play different medias, such as having a PC input (VGA or DVI usually) and a composite (yellow, white and red) and component (red b

What is multimedia projector?

A multimedia projector is a display device that can display multiple types of media. Such as DVD players, CATV boxes, PC's and laptops. Most have multiple inputs with differen

How do projectors work?

There are two types of projectors: The two types of projectors are LCD and DLP. LCD: LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. The way this places an image on a screen is fa

Define what is multimedia projector?

A multimedia projector is a compact, high resolution, full-color projector capable of projecting text, images, video and audio content. Typically the projector will feature in

What types of projector are there?

Modern projectors are either LCD or DLP based panels. Most medium-to large projectors use a halogen light source. Small 'pico' projectors use a LED light source.
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How expensive are multimedia projectors?

They can cost anywhere from $99 to $20,000+. The low end ones have low resolution and are cheaply built, while the high-end ones give better picture quality and are built with