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Your preference which only you know decides that, unless you are looking for definition then specify
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What is sexual addiction?

If you are referring to the real addiction that goes above normal range and starts to become a psychological problem, then it's called "hypersexuality". It's really debatable whether it's a real "addiction" or "mental condition" at all as far as that goes, however. Some treat it like a normal addi (MORE)

How do you get sexually attracted?

you dont becom sexually atracted to someone, unless you fund things out about thewm that make you attracted to them. you either are or you arent

What is sexual consent?

Consent is an agreement to give PERMISSION between two or more people. Sexual Consent is when one person gives the other permission to have sex with them. Regardless of age, consent must be given in order for sex to NOT be considered Rape. Some guy that gets a girl drunk & has sex with her, could be (MORE)

What is a- sexual reproduction?

the way cuttings from plants works, as well as cloning, you need only one parent and the nucleus of one of their cells is transferred into an empty cell with then reproduces, all the cells are identical to the parent cell

What is sexually assertive?

One who is ever eager to prove his sexual prowess by hook or by crook.. One who is ever eager to prove his sexual prowess by hook or by crook.

What is sexual intocours?

First of all, its sexual intercourse. It involves sexual contactbetween two opposite sex individuals involving penetration,especially the insertion of a man's penis into a woman's vagina.

Sexuality in Islam?

In Islam, homosexuality is forbidden. Having a relationship with someone from the opposite gender with whom you are not married but it is legal to marry is strictly forbidden. Thus sexual intercourse out of marriage is regarded as a major sin. Muslims are allowed to get married from the time they ar (MORE)

What is sexual values?

Sexual values system is the sum of all those stimuli that have erotic meaning for the person individually.

What is sexual intercours?

Sexual Intercourse Is When A Man Inserts His Fully Erected Penis Into A Womens Vagina And The Woman Screams/Moans In Excitement And If Aimed Correctly a man can hit the women's g-spot with his penis usally making the female ejaculate (Slang: Cum) And The Man Can Also Ejaculate Aswell

How do you determine your sexuality?

Well, there are many ways to determine which grade is your sexuality.. 1). Think of past experiences , what have you felt about people you see everyday, If you have a pretty good idea on what sex you want to be involved with then think about it then you'll know.. 2). If you have no idea onyou sexu (MORE)

How do you be sexual?

By being human. All humans are sexual. Unless you mean how can you be sexy? In which case, that is relative. Each individual finds "sexy" to be different. It's mainly about confidence.

Why do you have bi-sexuals?

You have bi-sexuals in this world because people may feel like they just dont like one gender but another gender they feel their gender is atractive to them and they like them but, they have no sexual contact.They also like the opposite gender and they have sexual contact with them.

What is a sexual napalm?

it's like, the same effect a woman has on you that's like the effects of drugs. it can be a good effect or a bad one. hope this helps :)

What is sexuality and aging?

Sexuality is the state of readiness for sexual intercourse.In other words,it is when you are physically, mentally and emotional ready for sex. Aging is when a living organism or object changes.

How do you get sexual with your boyfriend?

.............really............? well first you should both talk about if you're ready. Be careful and cautious. After you decide whether you are both ready for that, kiss him. Take it from there.

How do you arouse sexually?

Foreplay, such as kissing, manual sex (with hands), oral sex, and most people have certain things that arouse them. Some people like pain, love, or even watching.

How to do with sexual not to get a child?

The only 100% reliable way to make sure you or your partner do not get pregnant is abstinence. If you chose to have sex anyway, then you should make sure you use some method of birth control, such as condoms or birth control tablets. Please remember that the use of birth control tablets DOES NO (MORE)

Is bird sexual?

yes birds are sexual because they are animals. and we also come in the category of animals . if we are sexual then why aren't birds? hence birds are sexual

Can sexuality be changed?

In the animal world sex is often quite fluid. Chickens have been known to change sex. Amongst fish it is often the older more successful individuals that ultimately become female.

What is sexual division?

It is a division that reduces the number of chromosomes to half of their number before the division.

Why is a leaf sexual?

In some pieces of art such as paintings, a persons naked body would be painted. Back then, that was cosidered beautiful. In a few paintings, sometimes of cupid, the inapropriate areas would be covered by a leaf.

What is sexual impotency?

Sexual impotency is the disorder because of which one's marriedlife becomes hell. Penis couldn't maintain the erection during lovemaking .The couple can't enjoy the pleasure of marriage as they areattacked by erectile dysfunction problem.

What is sexual assalt?

Sexual Assault (also known as rape) is a crime where one person touches someone else in a sexual manner. The second person has not given permission to the first person to touch them.

What is sexually preoccupied?

Being sexually preoccupied means that a person is focused on sex more often than dealing with everything else than their life. It is borderline obsessive because the patient who deals with this will shrug off almost anything that isn't sexual in order to think of sexual contact or actually have sexu (MORE)

What can you and your boyfriend do sexually?

Lots! I love giving oral to my boyfriend, he's so big and it's pleasuring for both of us. A handjob might be easier to start out sexually, you can try anal or sex in the shower or a blowjob in the shower, be creative, try new positions in sex, etc.

How can you protect your sexuality?

Getting to know your body is one of the best ways to improve and protect your sexual health. Understanding what happens during puberty, exploring your body and finding out how it responds are all really important. Bocabel,Richard

What is a sexual intercoase?

Sexual intercourse is when two or more males or females get aroused by the other and start to insert their penis in to the others vagina/anus or when two females scissor.

What is sexual motivation?

I believe sexual motivation is were both (or maybe all if there are several) parties are willing to take part in any sexual activity. You'll find that with heightened sexual motivation your stamina will increase. Therefore prolonging orgasam. In turn a more pleasurable orgasm at climax

What is forking sexually?

"Forking" is just a cleaner way of saying the F-word, the vulgar word for sex. That just means placing the penis into the vagina and moving it in and out. This is not to be confused with spooning. Spooning is when a two people lie down nude with the chest of one against the back of the other. Fro (MORE)

What is a by sexual?

i think you mean the term, 'bi sexual' it's where a person is attracted to both genders, as in, likes boys and girls.

What is misconception of sexuality?

It would be defined in as anything other than the correct conception of sexuality, of course different cultures, religions, and individuals all have equally different conceptions of "correct" sexuality.

How do you get sexual obbused?

No-one in your family has the right to touch you in ways that make you feel uncomfortable. No-one has the right to trick you, confuse you, or force you into doing sexual things. This is called sexual abuse. Sexual abuse includes someone touching your private parts (e.g. breasts, vagina, penis, a (MORE)

What is exaggerated sexuality?

exaggerated sexuality is the liberation between two individuals of the same sex to communicate in such ways that no human being will comprehend what is being said.

Can you change sexualality?

In biological studies, it shows that sexuality is completely unchanged throughout the course of an organisms lifespan. Clinical psychology tells us arguably that humans also have the same intellect with attraction as animals. To put it simply; YOU WERE BORN THIS WAY. :)

What can I do for sexual pleasure?

Have sex, Masturbate or read & fantasize about it, For social development you might even try talking maturely with others about sex, rather than making crude comments & snickering. Mature people do enjoy reading & talking about sex & it is stimulating.

Is Justin sexual?

yes, he lied though he said he would not do sex until he is married =) some people say he is gay

How do you get in sexual mood?

Oh this is gonna be fun. I suggest going into a dimly lit room with music on (maybe) and just think about sex. You can think about a person you want to have sex with. Then when you do have sex you'll be in the mood

What are sexual interests?

They are what you are interested in sexually. Depending on the context, this could be taken as what are you sexually interested in such as what body feature turns you on the most. It can also refer to what you are interested in doing sexually, such as positions. It can include perhaps fetishes and w (MORE)

What is the sexual?

Relating to the instincts, physiological processes, and activitiesconnected with physical attraction or intimate physical contactbetween individuals.