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What is sexual exclusivity?

Sexual exclusivity is the state in which one person is available only to certain persons, or even just one person. For instance, in Christian marriages the couple are sexual e

What is sexual?

relation to sex, health and safety

Do dandelions reproduce a sexual or sexual?

can dandelions reproduce?   Dandelions reproduce asexually (that is without fertilization). They can reproduce by cloning themselves.

How do you have sexual spooning?

It is when you are laying beside each other, front to back, and having sex while in that position.

What is a sexual and sexual reproduction?

"Asexual" reproduction is when the genetically identical offspring  is produced by 1 parent, "sexual" reproduction is when 2 parents  are involved in order to create genetic

What is sexual rapture?

the state of mind resulting from feelings of high emotion during  sex, after sex or after rape or any sexual activities.

How do I have sexual intercourse?

It depends on where you are and what you are. The two most common are missionary position ("man on top") and woman on top. In either case, both are naked in bed. For woman o
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How do you be sexual?

  By being human. All humans are sexual. Unless you mean how can you be sexy? In which case, that is relative. Each individual finds "sexy" to be different. It's mainly ab
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What is a by sexual?

i think you mean the term, 'bi sexual' it's where a person is attracted to both genders, as in, likes boys and girls.

What is sexual person?

A sexual person is somebody who thinks about people and objects in a way that includes them in any form of sexual activity. This is anything from a kiss to sex, inclusive.