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What is name of an Italian restaurant chain?

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What is the oldest restaurant chain?

IsleysRESTAURANT William Isaly's first dairy was established in Mansfield, Ohio where he acquired the Mansfield Pure Milk Company. Isaly expanded the core business from proce

Advantages and disadvantages of chain restaurant?

Advantage of a chain restaurant is: The owner is able to expand the  business and maximize his profits by allocating franchises in other  countries. Disadvantage of a chain

How does an independent restaurant differ from a chain?

Independent restaurants offer different varieties of culinary delight often with different recipes for different foods on their menu, while the chain of restaurants like Burge

What are chain restaurants?

Chain restaurants are eating establishments that are typically franchised and in large number. For instance, Red Robin and Chili's are chains. When you hear chain when speakin

What is the traditional name for an Italian restaurant?

Trattoria is a traditional Italian equivalent of the English word "restaurant." Specifically, the Italian word is a feminine noun. Its singular definite article la means