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What is name of an Italian restaurant chain?

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What is 'my restaurant' in Italian?

Il mio ristorante is an Italian equivalent of 'my restaurant'.

What is the best name for Italian restaurants?

If your restaurant isn't in Italy it could be yr family surname (specially if it's Italian origin) as Martinelli's restaurant, Scalia's restaurant etc. or names that referri

What is the traditional name for an Italian restaurant?

Trattoria is a traditional Italian equivalent of the English word "restaurant." Specifically, the Italian word is a feminine noun. Its singular definite article la means
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What are chain restaurants?

Chain restaurants are eating establishments that are typically franchised and in large number. For instance, Red Robin and Chili's are chains. When you hear chain when speakin
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Names on Italian restaurants?

There are many types of names which are found on Italian  restaurants. If you have a specific question in regard to a name  one needs more information.