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What is national average of miles each American driver drives per year?

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13, 476 miles a year.

according to the US Department of transportation the answer is 16,500 miles average for men and 10,142 for women.

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Average miles a car is driven per year?

14,000 per year. This can be broken down further into drive  age groups and male vs. female. The average miles for a male is a  bit higher - 16,550 - compared to a woman's a

What is the average miles per year for a motorcycle?

  According to the "Motorcycle Transportation Fact Sheet" at "ridetowork.org"...   As of 2003, there were 5,370,000 motorcycles regularly in use in the United States.

What is the average number of miles to put on a car per year?

12,000 is the average expected on a car. If it has more then 12,000 per year, it is considered excessive. That depends where you're at. In the US average mileage is considered

What ia the national average a driver drives per year?

If you are referring to the average miles driven per year in the U.S. it is 13,476. Males drive an average of 16,550 miles per year. Females drive an average of 10,142 miles p

How many miles does the average American fly per year?

According to Carbon Counter.org the average American fly's 1055 miles / year. They have footnoted the documentation used to calculate this answer. They assumed only one trip p

What is the average pay per mile for truck drivers in new york?

In order to correctly answer this question, one would need to obtain more information on the driver. Need information such as; age, years of driving experience, what does the