What is natural environment?

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natural environment- the all natural constituents man, forests,ocean,rivers,air,sunlight,water,etc constitutes natural environment
the natural environment is much more than just trees, grass and flowers, it is homes of all kind of species, including the ones in the sea ! i think it is a beautiful place. the animals wouldn't be able to survive without it. it provides food and drink for them. it is a place where you can relax and enjoy. it is a place what helps you realize how gorgeous this world is. it is a place where animals breed and live. it is gods creation ! i thiknk people should realize all of these things when they litter because they are killing the planet, animals and people !
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What are some types of natural environment?

Define artificial environment? . there are two types of environment Urban and rural.. social. personal. natural there are all types or natral environment. unban energy p

How do you protect the natural resources in our environment?

By making them valuable to people with the capacity to cause damage to them, so as to make them motivated to protect them. This can be done by creating a monetary incentive

What is the natural environment?

Natural environment is created by natural substances. This means that natural environments cannot contain anything man made and consist of substances created by nature only.

What does Natural Gas do to your Environment?

Natural gas, or methane, is a greenhouse gas twenty-one times more powerful than carbon dioxide. It gets into the atmosphere for cattle belching, from anaerobic (that is, no o

How does the built environment effect the natural environment?

The built environment is one the individual built around it self like the environment of computer room that is not natural that is built one so it does effect the natural envi

Can nature manage your environment?

Nature has managed the environment well enough for millions of years. If we hadn't interfered in the carbon cycle (by burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas)), then N

How important is the natural environment to us?

Answer: Natural environment importance: . Its give and provide living condition and necessary substance for people, animals and plants such as water air, sunshine. .
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