What is net 25 prox payment terms?

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It means that all invoices from a given month are due by the 25th of the following month. For example, invoices dated 1/01/08 thru 1/31/08 are due 2/25/08.
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What is prox 60 payment terms?

A "Prox 60" payment term means that the clock on invoice aging starts at the end of a given month rather than upon actual receipt of the invoice.. Example:. ACME Widget's AR

What does Net 30 Prox mean?

The phrase Net 30 prox is used in the accounting field. It meansthat a buyers payment is due 30 days from the day they receive theshipment.

What is Net tenth prox?

Clarification -- prox is a shortned form of the latin proximo,meaning next (not approxmate as is commonly beliexed.) So, Net 10thProx menas that payment in full is due ON the

What are payment terms 15-15 Net Prox 1.2?

15-15 Prox 1.2 payment terms means that any product shipped/received from the 15th of one month to the 15th of the next month will be paid on the 2nd month of the 2nd day. For

What is 2 15th prox net 30 terms?

The term 2 15th prox net 30 terms is an accounting term indicatingwhen payment is due. The payment for this would be that half is dueon the 15th of the month and the balance d

What is fifth third prox payment terms?

To put this simple.. usually (you can double check with thecompany) when an invoice is put in these terms it means that theamount owed is due by the 3rd of the following month

What prox 45 payment terms?

This is really odd for me to see, usually when a company uses "prox" it's for dates, such as 1-30 (days of the month). From what I've seen however, Prox 45, may mean that t

What does prox 25 mean in pay terms?

prox is short for Proximo, meaning in or of the following month. Generally speaking prox 25 usually means payment is due on the 25th day of the following month. For example

What is payment terms of 2 percent 15th prox net 25?

Usually 2 % 15th prox net 25 means, if you pay by the 15th of the following month you can take a 2% discount, net 25 means the full amount is due by around the 25th of the mon

Net tenth prox 1.5 percent sc 25?

This is a type of Payment Terms that applies to an account between an Vendor and Customer. This is how it is defined: Any Invoice dated from the 1st of a given month to the 2

What are payment terms 15th Prox plus 60?

in order to receive the discount payment is to be made by the 15th of the following month(depending upon the cutoff date being used) otherwise, payment is to be made in 60 day

When do you get payment if the payment term is net 60?

Net in 60 strictly means that the balance is due 60 days from the invoice date. If the invoice date is January 15th, then the balance (net) is due on (or before) March 15th. 6