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It is the rated voltage of an electric equipment. It is the voltage at which the device is designed to operate.

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Nominal means 'named'. So a nominal voltage is the 'named' voltage. For example, the nominal voltage of the supply system in Britain is 230 V. But its actual value is allowed to vary between 216.2 V and 253.0 V.
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What is voltage?

A type of "pressure" that drives electrical charges through acircuit. Voltage is how the electric potential energy differencesare measured.

Why is it not good to operate a transformer above its nominal voltage?

Overexcited Transformer. Operation above the rated supply voltage causes the ferromagnetic core to enter saturation; this means that the primary inductance is reduced and since the primary current is limited by primary resistance +inductance then the primary current will increase and possibly cause the primary winding current capacity to be exceeded. Also the iron core hysteresis loss will likely increase and cause the core temperature to rise. We have not considered eddy currents in the core, probably these are less than the hysteresis core loss. Addition: also the stresses that caused by increasing the voltage will over heat the transformer by mean the life time is redused, for example: if the life time for a transformer is 20 years this number will decrease due to operating the transformer on a higher voltages than the rated...

Can i use a circuit breaker with 420V nominal voltage in 520V line voltage nominal current of circuit breaker is 1600A if I can how much current can pass from this circuit breaker?

NO! NO! NO!. The circuit breaker must be rated for the line voltage used. Exceeding this limit can cause catastrophic failure!. If you are really working on a 1600A bus, stop right now, ang go hire a professional! Your question indicates you are not qualified to work on this gear. YOU ARE GOING TO KILL SOMEBODY .. I'm not kidding about this. A breaker that is applied beyond its rating can arc over, and the resulting arc-flash can punch right through the panel cover, spraying vaporized metal on anyone unfortunate enough to be standing there. A 1600A bus can have a fault current of 20,000A OR MORE.. This is not something to even think about working on unless you are trained and absolutely know what you are doing!

What are nominals?

Nominals are found in the Australian language and do notdifferentiate nouns from adjectives. Nominals relate to a noun orany word group that functions as a noun.

What is nominal line voltage?

'Nominal' means 'named'. So a 'nominal' voltage is the named voltage of a system. For example, when we talk about a 120-V or 240-V system, we are describing their nominal values, not their actual values which can change from moment to moment.

What is meant by nominal current or nominal voltage?

The word nominal means the lowest possible safe amount. So, nominalcurrent or nominal voltage is the lowest amount necessary toperform an electrical function like keeping a light turned on. Answer The original answer is incorrect. ' Nominal ' simply means' named '. So a 'nominal voltage' is the 'named voltage', asopposed to an 'actual voltage'. For example, the nominal voltage ofresidential supplies in the UK is 230 V; however, this value isallowed to vary between +10/-6% of the nominal voltage. In otherwords, a nominal voltage of 230 V may vary between 216 V and 253 V.

When troubleshooting a 400 watt metal halide lighting system you read 120 volts AC in the lamp socket that catalog shows300 volts is the nominal open voltage what would your next step be?

Most HID fixtures have multi taps in the primary winding. Check and make sure that you have the correct voltage applied to the right tap. Also check and make sure that the capacitor is in the circuit. I just worked on a job where the custodian had taken the ballast and everything out of the fixture base and just wired it across the line. I also got 120 volts at the lamp socket. When checking your voltages a digital meter can give you a phantom reading. If a connection is loose or corroded the digital meter may get enough of a reading to indicate the correct voltage and still not have enough current to do the work needed. You may need to use a solenoid ( wiggins ) meter to make sure you are not getting a phantom. Check to see if your socket wires have been shorted, grounded, or broken. If any of these have happened, the voltages will look good at all points except the socket, but the circuit may not trip because of the ballast and or the capacitor depending on the specific damage to the socket wires.

What is nominal zener voltage?

A zener diode has a voltage when it reachesbreak over it may be 5v 12v or other voltage as manufactured. The manufacture will produce a 5v zener or is it? This voltage can change from device to device but the mean or nominal voltage will be as close as 5v as possible. So when buying a 5v zener do not expect 5v absolute but a nominal 5 v . ZENERS are designed for a specific voltage [ THEREFORE NOMINAL] as mentioned above . depends on the voltage required it can be bought within a specific voltage -/+ a % of the breakdown

What is difference between nominal and terminal voltage?

The rated voltage of a motor listed on the nameplate is called the terminal voltage. This indicates the actual voltage on the motors terminals at which at which the manufacturer designed to operate. Whereas, Nominal voltage is the design or configuration voltage of the electricity distribution system.

What is a nominal leader?

It is a temporary account which records revenues gains & losses etc. In other words it is a t shape account

What is the nominal supply voltage?

The term, 'nominal', simply means 'named'. For example, the nominal supply voltage for a residence in the UK is 230 V . But this doesn't mean that the actual supply voltage is 230 V, because the supply voltage is allowed to vary by -6% and +10% of the nominal voltage. In other words, the actual voltage could be anywhere within the range of 216.2 V to 253 V. In fact, during periods of heavy load, the actual voltage would tend towards the lower end of this range, whereas during periods of higher load, the actual voltage would vary towards the upper end.

What is the nominal zone circuit voltage in an Addressable Fire Alarm System?

When we discuss fire panels and "nominal" voltage on a circuit we must first determine what type of circuit. Addressable panels can have varied circuits that all perform different funtions. The two most common are Notification Appliance Circuits (NAC), and Signaling Line Circuits (SLC). "Nominal" should be replaced by different terms. "Monitoring voltage", and "Active Voltage" to be substituted for NAC circuits, and "intializing voltage" and "polling voltage" for SLC circuits. Monitoring voltage for NAC circuits vary, however it commonly either between 2-4vdc, or -24vdc. Once a NAC circuit is activated "active voltage" it is almost always 24vdc. "Intializing voltage" on a SLC circuit is caused when a circuit is first plugged into its associated board and the voltage "spikes" to 24vdc then settles at its "polling voltage" at either 24vdc or between 12-18vdc.

What is the Difference between nominal voltage and operating voltage?

Nominal voltage is the 'named' voltage -for example, the nominal supply voltage in the UK is 230 V. But this is not necessarily the actual voltage at a particular time. A nominal voltage is normally expressed together with the percentage by which it is permitted to vary from that stated value. For example, in the UK, the nominal voltage is expressed as: 230 V +10% / -6% --in other words it is allowed to vary between 216.2 and 253 V. The term, operating voltage , isn't actually defined anywhere, but is usually taken to mean the actual voltage supplied to a device at any particular instant, and this should always fall within the allowable range of the supply system's specified nominal voltage. The operating voltage can be found simply by measuring it with a voltmeter.

Are 250 voltage reading considered to be nominal 240 volts?

Different countries have different legal limits to how much their electricity supply voltages may vary. In the UK, for example, the nominal supply voltage for residential supplies is 230 V, but this is allowed to vary between -6% and +10%. So, as you can see, and 'actual' voltage of 250 V is within the allowable upper limit (253 V) for the nominal voltage of 230 V. So, to answer your question, you need to check what the allowable variation is at your location (your electricity supplier can confirm this) -I would guess that 250 V would be well within the allowance for 240 V.

Is them nominative?

No, the personal pronoun 'them' is an objective pronoun thattakes the place of a plural noun (or two or more nouns) as theobject of a verb or a preposition. The corresponding plural, nominative pronoun is 'they'. Examples: I will give them a call to see if they can come. The pronoun 'them' is the direct object of the verb 'will give'. The pronoun 'they' is the subject of the second part of thecompound sentence.