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What is normal return on investment?

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There is no norm. The internal rate of return should exceed the cost of capital. A low risk, on going enterprise might be satisfied with an IRR = 7- 10%, while a more risky venture might require 15- 25% IRR.
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Return On Investment in fmcg?

Return on investment is the amount that you get back for investing  in something. The formula is ROI=(Profit *100)/(Investment * number  of years.)

Return on investment and safety of investment?

Return on investment is the amount of profit on the invested money after deducting taxes, safety of investment is the risk factor involved in the investment. Such as risk is h

How do stockholders earn a return on their investment?

Stockholders can earn a return on their investment in two manners. Most commonly Stock Appreciation, and rarer Dividends. The most common manner for an investor to earn on s

What is risk of return on investments?

Risk/return ratio expresses a portfolios investment positioning; generally "Aggressive," "Growth," "Balanced," ""Conservative," and "Income," or similar. The higher the poten