What is officer in charge of Indian police station called?

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How do you file charges of violating law agenst a police officer?

Depending on what you mean by law? If a state statute was violated by a law enforcement officer and you want to report it the first thing I would do is contact the law enforcement officer's agency where he or she is employed by. Contact there Internal Affairs department and report the actions to the (MORE)

Why are police officers called police officers?

The word "Police" generally refers to an agency empowered to enforce laws and maintain public and social order. The term "Officer" generally refers to an agent working for the agency. OR "POLICE" Means P - Politically O - Over L - Licensed I - Incompetent C - Controlling E - Enti (MORE)

How do you press charges against a police officer for violating your rights?

I am in no way an expert. I am writing from experience with officers. I would look up the constitution and study it like the back of my hand. . Did your husband have a license on him? That is unclear in your question. If he didn't that is tough. . Look up the law for your state on tinted win (MORE)

Why do people call police officers pigs?

Calling officers pigs is meant as a derogatory term, and intended to show disrespect. It is usually used by people that tend to have "run ins" or brushes with the law on a higher than average basis, or live a lifestyle that enforcement of laws could cause issues.

What do i do if I am charged with assaulting a police officer?

In most jurisdictions I am aware of that is a felony criminal act. You will be formally charged at a preliminary hearing and if the charge is sustained by the judge, you will need a good criminal attorney or, if you qualify, the court will appoint a public defender for you.

What are the French police officers called?

In town the local police stations are manned by policemen from the Ministère de l'Intérieur (equivalent of the Home Office) They are called "un policier" for a man, "une policière/ une femme policier" for a policewoman. A common name is "un flic" (a copper). This is a familiar but widesprea (MORE)

If you got into a fight and a police officer asks you to attend an interveiw at the police station what are your rights?

In England and wales you do not have to attend, but if there are grounds to suspect you have committed an offence you will probably end up getting arrested if you refuse. If you attend a police station (under arrest or voluntarily) you are entitiled to legal advice. If you are not under arrest you m (MORE)

What is the charge for eluding a police officer?

If you are speaking of eluding them via motor vehicle; it depends on the laws of your particular state. In some states the charge is a criminal statute violation, in others it is a violation of DMV regulations.

Who is the charge of all charges of police station of the district?

I'm thinking that you're asking "who is in charge of all of the police stations in the district?" The police chief. The hierarchy generally is as follows: there is normally a police chief, who is in charge of the entire police department. This includes all of the districts of that jurisdiction. The (MORE)

Can you press charges on police officers for lying on a police report?

Not unless the information in the basic report is testified to under oath at a criminal proceeding. The reporting officer(s) attempt to put down all information known to them at the time the report was taken, however, police reports are NOT sworn documents. Initial police reports are nothing but t (MORE)

Does a police officer have to be witness to charge disorderly conduct?

Disorderly conduct is generally charged as a misdemeanor, and most states require the person bringing a misdemeanor charge to be a witness to the incident (there are exceptions, such as in domestic violence). If the police officer making the arrest did not witness the conduct that created the disord (MORE)

What will you be charge if assaulting a police officer and under the influence and a minor?

You could be charged with multiple offenses depending on many factors such as location, time, age, on top of the initial reason for being around the police. Firstly, just judging the question you COULD be charged with Disturbing the Peace, Curfew Violation, Battery on a Police Officer, Resisting Arr (MORE)

What do you call the bats that police officers carry?

The general name is baton (french for stick). The longer baton (about 28 inches) is a night stick- so called because it was carried by policemen patrolling on foot at night. Although rarely seen today, there was also a daystick- a short club, about 12-14 inches. There is also a riot baton- used in c (MORE)

Can police officers make you press charges?

No. Private individuals do not make the determination on whether or not criminal charges will be pursued. That authority rests with the prosecuting attorney's office. If you report a crime to the police, the police will investigate the crime, and make an arrest or citation as necessary. The file (MORE)

Can your charges be dropped if the police officer made a mistake on your ticket?

It MIGHT depend on the mistake you are referring to, but usually NO, it doesn't make any difference. In the law these are referred to as "scriveners errors" and if enough of the information contained on the ticket is sufficient to prove that it was actually YOU that the officer was ticketing, then a (MORE)

What do you call a Japanese police officer?

You may say 'omawarisan,' which is a friendly term for a police officer, 'junsa,' or 'keisatsukan.' Written in Japanese, these are: お巡りさん  巡査 警察官

Can a police officer be charge with battery on another police officer?

Yes, they can be charged with assault or battery if the victim is another police officer. If the bad cop is a big bully and no one likes him/her, then it is more likely they will be charged or fired. Often, however, cops don't file charges against other cops and will try to work it out in other ways (MORE)

What is the name of the charge when you give police officer false info?

California Penal Code... 148. (a) (1) Every person who willfully resists, delays, or obstructs any public officer, peace officer, or an emergency medical technician, as defined in Division 2.5 (commencing with Section 1797) of the Health and Safety Code, in the discharge or attempt to discharge any (MORE)

Can you be police officer after completing diversion for a felony drug charge?

In short, yes. A diversion program allows for a person that would otherwise be convicted of a crime to have their charges dismissed if they complete the programs requirements. Assuming you completed the program and your charge was dismissed than you're not a convicted felon and may lawfully posess a (MORE)

What is an english police officer called?

Depending on their rank, an English police officer is a 'PoliceConstable' (PC), Sergeant, Inspector, Chief Constable, ChiefInspector, etc. An officer may also be referred to as: . 'Bobby' or 'Peeler' - inspired by Robert Peel, the UKpolitician credited with creating the modern police force . 'co (MORE)

Who is in charge of a Police station?

Some large police departments have multiple stations and put Captains in charge to oversee and run individual stations. Smaller departments that only have one station have the highest rank (Chief) in charge of the station.

Who is in charge of the local police station UK?

Police station are managed by custody sergeants, who are in charge of the station and there booking in of detainees. Custody sergeants have the same powers and responsibilities as the sergeant rank, and are simply sergeants installed in stations; where responsibilities adapt to the needs of the Pol (MORE)

What happens to a police officer if they are charged with police brutality?

In the first instance, the police officer would be presumed innocent until adjudicated guilty, just as with anyone else charged with a crime in the Free World. Provided the actual charge is indeed 'brutality,' which is quite descriptive, the officer may be immediately reassigned from their curren (MORE)