What is officer in charge of Indian police station called?

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Why are police officers called police officers?

The word "Police" generally refers to an agency empowered to enforce laws and maintain public and social order. The term "Officer" generally refers to an agent working for the

What do i do if I am charged with assaulting a police officer?

In most jurisdictions I am aware of that is a felony criminal act. You will be formally charged at a preliminary hearing and if the charge is sustained by the judge, you will

What is the charge for eluding a police officer?

If you are speaking of eluding them via motor vehicle; it depends on the laws of your particular state. In some states the charge is a criminal statute violation, in others it

Can a police officer be charge with battery on another police officer?

Yes, they can be charged with assault or battery if the victim is another police officer. If the bad cop is a big bully and no one likes him/her, then it is more likely they w

Who is in charge of the local police station UK?

Police station are managed by custody sergeants, who are in charge of the station and there booking in of detainees. Custody sergeants have the same powers and responsibiliti