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What is one of the musical instruments of Thailand?

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Pinai is a musical instrument of Thailand which is a flute made of wood.
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Musical instruments of Thailand?

the musical instruments of Thailand are the following: Sao-Duang;Sao-Saam-Saay;and Chakee are String Instruments; Pi nai is an instrument of Wind type;and Taphone, Klong Tha

What are the musical instruments in Thailand?

Plucked Grajabpi (กระจับปี่) - ancient fretted lute Jakhe (จะเข้) - crocodile-shaped fretted floor
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Where can one repair a musical instrument?

There are some very known sites where one could go and get their musical instrument repaired. One of these sites would be David Bailey Music Studio. It is very trusted and a l