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What is one of the musical instruments of Thailand?

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Pinai is a musical instrument of Thailand which is a flute made of wood.
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What is instrumental music?

Instrumental music is a musical composition or recording  without lyrics, or singing.   ----------------------------------------------------------   It is music inten

What characteristic quality distinguishes one musical instrument from another?

Musical instruments can be distinguished by the way they look, and more importantly by the way they sound. Instruments were created in order to produce a certain type of soun

What are the musical instruments in Thailand?

Plucked   Grajabpi (กระจับปี่) - ancient fretted lute  Jakhe (จะเข้) - crocodile-shaped fretted floor zither with three strings  Phin (พิ

What is sebha music of Thailand?

- is a solo developed from a poise style popular in central  thailand   -is performed using a comnination of a thee- communication- mode-  singing, speaking and praying