What is origin of phrase rune for your money?

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The word "rune" was used by the Germanic tribes from at least 1800 years ago until about 1000 years ago as a form of writing. Which has been replace by the Roman alphabet that we use today.

(This paragraph is my opinion, not fact)
It is not a fact, but from the research I have done I believe that this is the original origin of the word. And that somewhere in the translation from the Runic alphabet to the Roman alphabet, we got the word "money".

I believe this to be true because they have found old poems in both Anglo-Saxon and Old Icelandic, where the word "rune" has been used to define money.

This has now got me puzzled also, and I am going to continue to research it. If I find out anything new with some sort of evidence to back up it, I will update this post. But for now, this is all I have.
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