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What is osteoarthritis of the c5 c6 and c7?

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It may mean that the cartilage between those particular vertebrae is damaged or gone. causing pain and restriction to the nerves passing through the back bone and or between the vertebrae.
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What is a small central and slightly left paracentral c5-c6 disc herniation with probable involvement of the left c6 nerve root?

  Answer   Between the fith and sixth cervical vertibrae (neck bones) the cartilage disk between them is sticking out a bit to the left. This is most likely pinching

Where are c6 and c7 located?

  Answer   The C6 and C7 vertebrae are the lowest two vertebrae of the cervical (neck) portion of your spine. The C7 can typically be identified by feeling the spino

What does left paracentral herniation C5-C6 withindents the thecal sac and mild left neuroforaminla narrowing at this level mean?

  This seems like a "slipped disc" in the spine around the neck region (cervical spine) which is causing pressure on the surroundings of the spinal cord and nerve routes.

What are the symptoms of spinal cord impingement when there is a herniated disc at c5 c6?

I had a herniated disk at C5 C6. My symptoms started out as just an aching in between my shoulder blades. Over a period of about 2 weeks it progressivly got worse, the pain be

Where is C5-C6?

Cervical spine--5th vertabrae, 6th cervical vertibral body, just above the shoulders.

If mild thecal sac effacement at C6-C7 what symptoms manifest?

You may not necessarily experience any symptoms from this. There are many findings that are identified on MRI scans that are incidental, that is they just happen to be present

What is a left eccentric disc bulge at c6-c7?

  With degenerative disc disease, disc bulging occurs with flattening out of the disc and subsequent spreading out. Typical bulging presents symmetrical, but sometimes a p

'What does it mean when the MRI comes back with C5-C6 and C6-C7 disc osteophytic complex with some narrowing of the left lateral recesses at these two levels?

From what I see in your question, you're talking about the bones in your neck called cervical bones. For the #'s you gave, it would mean there's narrowing or lack of a gap bet

Is C5 or C6 Corvette better?

The C6 is definitely a better choice because it is a newer model and has newer technology.