What is oxygen-rich blood?

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<aclass="h2headingh2"style="color:rgb(0,0,0);"name="Answer">Answer</a>Oxygen rich blood is something that everyone has. But how does it happen?
When we breathe, we take in oxygen. I'm sure you know this. But the oxygen we take does not stop at the lungs. The air is taken in and filtered. Oxygen is given to red blood cells for processing, while Carbon Dioxide is released from our bodies.
So, why the Carbon Dioxide? Well, have you heard of bodily waste? Yes, that kind... Believe it or not, but carbon dioxide is a form of waste. Above, I stated that oxygen is processed. What I mean is that our body takes what they need from oxygen and dispose of the rest. The rest being Carbon Dioxide.
So, how does the air go from being oxygen to a compound molecule?
Oxygen is used for one purpose. In our bodies, we have what are called Mitocondria. Mitocondria need oxygen to accept electrons during Aerobic Respiration, routes by which energy is released.
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What color is oxygen-rich blood?

When blood cells have oxygen they are red, when they have no oxygen they are a darker shade of red. The more haemoglobin the blood contains the more oxygen is going to attach

What carries oxygen rich blood?

The simplest answer is "arteries," which generally carry oxygen-rich blood from the heart to the body, but the pulmonary veins also carry oxygen-rich blood. The lungs have oxy

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As blood passes through lungs, there is exchange of oxygen and carbon bi oxide, from high concentration to low concentration and oxygen enters the blood from air to blood to m

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The protein hemoglobin, which carries oxygen in the blood and appears brighter red in the vessels that carry oxygen. In the veins, the hemoglobin has already given up most of

Where is oxygen-rich blood?

Blood gets oxygenated in the lungs so blood that is moving away from the lung is oxygen rich. This is the blood that is in the arteries. The veins carry the de-oxygenated bloo

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How is oxygen-rich blood different from oxygen-poor blood?

Oxygenated blood is usually a bright, vibrant red color. It takes oxygen to the body, and travels through the arteries. When nicked, it usually spurts out, in sync with the be