What is pack method in java programming?

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If your talking about when you are packing components in a JFrame for example, something along the syntax of:

public static void main(String[] args) {
GUIFrame frame = new GUIFrame();
frame.setLocation(100, 100);
frame.setTitle("This is a JFrame implementation");


If you mean something like this, then the pack() method simply crams all the components together, to make the smallest space in a frame. They can be useful if all you want is that, otherwise options such as the .setSize(int height, int length); are also available for specific sizes.
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What is a method in Java?

A Java method is a sequence of statements. It is comparable to a function, subroutine, or procedure in other languages.

Java program structure in java language?

The fundamental structure of any Java programme should look like:. [package declarations] . [import statements] . [class declaration] . An example is given below: . package abc; . import java.lang; . class Demo { . public static void main(String[] args) { . Sytem.out.println("Hello! (MORE)

How to write java program without using main method?

Java program without main We need a main method for executing a program. But YES we can write a program without using main() method. . TRICK 1 of 2 :: . while writing applets in java we don't use main... we use init() method instead. TRICK 2 of 2 :: . using 'static' we can write a program (MORE)

What is method in java?

A Method in Java is a piece of code that is designed to perform a specific operation. It takes in input arguments processes them and then returns a value. . Ex: . public int sum(int a, int b) { . return a + b; . } . The above method takes two integer arguments and returns the sum of the two num (MORE)

Write a java program to demonstrate the method overloading for sum function?

Below is an example of method overloading which returns the sum of two number types. Each method performs the calculation and returns a value in a different type. int sum(final int a, final int b) { . return a + b; . } long sum(final long a, final long b) { . return a + b; . } float (MORE)

What is the task of main method in a java program?

The main method of a java class is the starting point of the program execution. The code begins to execute only from the main method. Any java application would have to have a main method that performs all initializations and kick starts the process. . Ex: . public class Test { . public static vo (MORE)

What is a java programming?

Java programming simply means writing a program in java language. The name came from those who developed it during a coffee break.

What does a round method return in a Java program?

The Math.round() method is used to round off a decimal value to its nearest whole number. If the value beyond the decimal point is > 0.5 then the next number would be returned. Similarly if that value is < 0.5 then the previous value number be returned. For example Math.round(2.75) would yield (MORE)

What is java method?

A java method is a series of statements that perform some repeated task. Instead of writing 10 lines of code we can put those ten lines in a method and just call it in one line. It is like a shortcut. For example if we had to repeatedly output a header such as:. System.out.println("Feral Producti (MORE)

What is the task of the main method in java program?

If you run an java file(as an .class or .jar file) there's always 1 method being called: The main(String[] args) method. The method is only called once. Example of an main method: public static void main(String args[]) throws IOException { LoggingBootstrap. bootstrap (); gui = new GU (MORE)

What is a java program?

A java program is a program that is coded and run in the programming language called java. Java is similar to c++ in structure, and is more common in web apps. C++ is the equivalent for more heavy duty programs such as most software used to compose a java program.

What are methods in java?

The largest structure in a java program is a Class. The structure that is the second largest, and a sub-component of a Class is a Method. Each Method has a name and code inside of it that performs a function. Whenever the Method is called upon by naming it the code inside of it is executed. To use (MORE)

Java program on matrix addition in java?

Here's a method I wrote in Java that should do what you want: public static int[][] addMatrices(int[][] mat1, int[][] mat2) { int biggestWidth = mat1.length > mat2.length ? mat1.length : mat2.length; int biggestHeight = mat1[0].length > mat2[0].length ? mat1[0].length : mat2[0].length; int[] (MORE)

Why java programming language is called as java?

The language was initially called Oak after an oak tree that stood outside Gosling's office; it went by the name Green later, and was later renamed Java , from a list of random words. Definition taken from Wikipedia.

How do you do fcfs program in easy method using java?

import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; class fcfs extends JFrame implements ActionListener { JButton jb[] = new JButton[3]; JTextField jt1[],jt2[]; JLabel jl[],jl1,jl2,jl3; JPanel jp,jp1; Container con; int k,p; String str[] = {"SUBMIT","RESET","EXIT"}; (MORE)

How do you write a java menu driven program using method to calculate area of rectangle?

import java.io.*; public class Driven { static void main(String args[])throws IOException { InputStreamReader read=new InputStreamReader(System.in); BufferedReader in= new BufferedReader(read); System.out.println(" please enter length"); int a=Integer.parseInt(in.readLine()); Syst (MORE)

What is virtual method invocation in java?

The virtual method invocation is a little tricky to explain. But I rather show you an example. Suppose you have a super class like this: public class Super{ public int number = 1; public String getColor(){ return "red"; } }. and now we have a subclass of Super: public class Sub extends Super{ publ (MORE)

Java program for runge kutta method?

public class RungeKutta{public static final int STEPS = 100;public static double deriv(double x, double y){return x * Math.sqrt(1 + y*y);}public static void main(String[] args){// `h' is the size of each step.double h = 1.0 / STEPS;double k1, k2, k3, k4;double x, y;int i;y = 0;for (i=0; i

How do you declare a method in java programming?

Here is an example of a method declaration (his particular method is to makea java file executable) public static void main (String args[]) { //method starts here //Code goes here } //method ends here Here's a breakdown of the declaration:- Public - Required. Defines which other class (MORE)

What is program in java programming?

Java is a programming language. It is not written in anything. The Java Runtime Environment however is. The Sun/Oracle implementation (theoretically the standard) is written in C. There are other implementations of Java that are written in Java and then using a tool like GCJ (GNU's Java compi (MORE)

What is java programming?

Java Programming refers to the action wherein a person writes code in the Java language that serves some purpose. for ex: If I write java code that would help you run a small shops billing process, it would be called Java Programming

How do you write java palindrome java program?

Use a loop to check if the first and last characters in the string are the same, then check the second and second to last. put this in any chass and it will return true or fasle for if the string passed is a palindrome. public static boolean palindrome(String text){ for(int i = 0; i < text.l (MORE)

How do you write java program palindrome java program?

import java.io.*; public class Palindrome { public static void main(String [] args){ try { BufferedReader object = new BufferedReader( new InputStreamReader(System.in)) ; System.out.println("Enter number") ; int num= Integer.parseInt(object.readLine()) ; int n = num; int (MORE)

How can you do programming in java?

The syntax of Java is largely derived from C++ .Unlike C++, which combines the syntax for structured, generic, andobject-oriented programming, Java was built almost exclusively asan object-oriented language. All code is written inside a class,and everything is an object, with the exception of the p (MORE)

How do you add methods and variable in a java program?

For example, if I have a program like this: import java.util.*; public class Example { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println("Test"); Scanner in = new Scanner(System.in); System.out.println("Please type a number."); double d = in.nextDouble(); System.out (MORE)

What is add method in a java program?

If the " add " is part of the Java Collections API then calling c.add(o) adds an object o to the given collection (list or set). Likewise, the AWT API has add methods to add components to a Frame or Panel.

How do you convert a Java program into a Java bytecode?

Get the JDK & Bluej from net and the rest will be done by them. Java byte codes are stored as *.class ; where "*" represents the class name, in your hard disk. You can download BlueJ as well as JDK from the related link.

Why main method in java program is dafined as static?

Static is a keyword.Static declares main() as one that belongs to the entire class and not a part of any objects of the class.It allows main() to be called without having to instantiate a particular instance of a class.Its neccessary that main() is called by java interpreter before any object is mai (MORE)

Why you are calling java programming language java?

They had to call it something, and they drank a lot of coffee. It was originally called Oak, after the tree outside the originator's (James Gosling) window. But the marketing people at Sun Microsystems (where he worked) thought Java sounded cooler. (I do, too.)

Can you declare more than one single main method in java program why?

It doesn't really make sense. The JVM needs to know where to start running the program; that's what the "main" method is for. A class - one that can be run directly - needs to have a single entry point, to avoid ambiguity. This main method can then call any number of other methods. I assume you ca (MORE)

How do you do programming with java?

In some instances, after installing Java 7 Update 25 (7u25) usingInternet Explorer, Java apps do not function. Java is free todownload. Edit (Geocasher): If you want to know how to program Java, I would suggest looking atthe Intro to Java class from MIT. They put up the lesson notes andassignments. (MORE)

What are the the advantages of methods in java programing?

Methods are similar to functions or procedures in non-OOP languages, but methods are associated with a specific object (which, in turn, is based on a specific class); so the advantages of using methods are related to the advantages of OOP in general. Specifically, in the case of methods, you can use (MORE)