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What is pain above waist on right side of back?

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Pain above the waist on the right side of the back is most probably a kidney stone, although that is not the only possibility. A test of your urine, to check for elevated levels of red blood cells, can find out if this is actually a kidney stone. Most kidney stones will pass without medical intervention, but it is always a good idea to increase the amount of fluids you are drinking, to assist this process. More drinking leads to more urination, which helps to flush out the kidney stone.
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Pain in the lower back on the right hand side can be attributed to  a herniated disc, sciatica, muscle strain or a urinary tract  infection. Such pain may also be caused by

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It may be your ovaries, or it could be that you are simply not driking enough water, try drinking water and cranberry juice to flush out your kidneys. It can also be a pulled

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What causes pain on right side waist between the side and back. It's where u put your hand on waist but toward back?

Very likely that right side pain is from overexercising or from pulling a muscle. It could be a kidney stone, I suppose. Kidney stone pain is often accompanied by pain in the

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Kidney infectionHerniated discSciaticaKidney stoneStrain If your back pain cases are spinal problems you should start simple exercises to improve your back condition.

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