What is painful labor and delivery called?

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How do you become a labor and delivery nurse?

To become a labor and delivery nurse you need to graudate from an accredited four year instituition. Upon completion of your nursing degree you will have to pass the NCLEX-RN,

Is labor painful?

Yes labor is painful so it's good to prepare so you know all the different methods for dealing with the pain before labor and write down to the midwife how you want things. Th

What are the duties of a labor delivery nurse?

Labor Delivery Nurses assist the mother before and after the birth of the child in many areas including pain management, monitoring the mother during pregnancy, and answering

Is delivery a pain?

Yes it is a painful thing. But some stupid doctors claim that it can be painless under them, plrease do not believe it. If the epidural hit right you wont feel the contractio

Where do you get labor pain?

Labor pain is felt in the abdomen ( think "cramps" while menstruating, lasting 30 sec. to 2 minutes, with intervals), as the uterus contracts. One can also have pain in the lo

How dilated do you have to be to be admitted in labor and delivery?

Depends. If you have a very straightforward, low risk pregnancy and are not group b strep positive, your baby's heart rate is normal and he/she is active, and there are no oth

How is the pain when in labor?

hi, i think it depends on the person, but with my first, second stage of labor was the most painful, contraction start to get stronger and tighter as the baby moves down. pain
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Why do companies charge labor and delivery?

Companies have to charge for labour and delivery in order to keep on operating. The accoucheuse, doctor or pediatrician, hospital room, drugs and so on needs to paid for as we