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A paradoxical intervention is used in structural family therapy and strategic family therapy. It is a type of intervention or technique where the therapist's goal is to eliminate the resistance of a client. Therapist, essentially instructs client to continue the symptomatic behavior instead of stopping it. This is done ethically and without intentional harm to the client. The result is that the client is now forced to decide what they will do. However, whatever they do, they become aware that they actually do have more control than they first thought.
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What is a paradox?

A paradox is a true statement or group of statements that leads toa contradiction or a situation which defies intuition. The term isalso used for an apparent contradiction that actually expressesanon-dual truth. A paradox is a statement containing seemingly contradictory orabsurd assertions which m (MORE)

What is an intervention?

An intervention is stepping in front of destructive behavior to offer a solution or way to treat the individuals issues to alleviate the destructive behavior.

What are the effect's of a paradox?

A paradox's effects are very complicated and (no pun intended) paradoxical. Here is and example: If you were for whatever reason able to travel back in time (which I believe is impossible because in order to do that, you have to travel faster than the speed of light, and since light is the ne plus u (MORE)

What is the Paradox of Progress?

The paradox of progress can be explained as the fact that there are great advancements in technology, medicine and communication etc over the past century but this has created more problems for people to deal with, instead of making life easier. higher economy and consumerism leads to more stress as (MORE)

What are examples of paradoxes?

The time-traveling grandma-killer. Suppose you build a time machine, go back in time to find your grandmother when she was three years old, and then drown her in the bathtub. So she never grows up, and never has any kids. Therefore, one of your parents was never born. Therefore, YOU were never born. (MORE)

What is a time paradox?

A time paradox generally refers to a paradox of time travel. The most well-known time paradox is the grandfather paradox. Follow the logic here: If you went back in time and killed your grandfather, then your own father would never have been born and thus you would never have been born. However, (MORE)

What is the grandfather paradox?

If you go back in time to when your grandfather was a kid and kill him, then your parents will have never been born, and you wouldn't have been born which means that you couldn't have killed your grandfather which means he would be alive so you would kill your grandfather and on and on and on..... w (MORE)

What is the Definition of paradoxical?

A paradox is a statement or group of statements that leads to a contradiction or a situation which defies intuition; or, it can be an apparent contradiction that actually expresses a non-dual truth

What is Triffin Paradox?

The Triffin dilemma, less commonly called Triffin paradox, is the fundamental problem of the United States dollar's role as reserve currency in the Bretton Woods system, or more generally of a national currency as reserve currency. By the early 1960s, an ounce of gold could be exchanged for $40 i (MORE)

What are some paradoxes?

Paradox of The Court : A law student agrees to pay his teacher after winning his first case. The teacher then sues the student (who has not yet won a case) for payment. (This is not as paradoxical as it appears. The teacher's suit must fail because the student has not won a case. However, if the (MORE)

Sentence with paradox?

A paradox is a strange occurrence, thing, or person that does notgo together. For example, John's medicine made him sick before itmade him better.

Sentence for paradox?

a paradox in a sentence would be 'this sentence is false' for obvious reasons, if you cant figure out the reasons maby you shouldn't have asked this question :D Daniel,S,Johnson

What is intervention?

No. 5 is the medical related answer! 1. the act of intervening 2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) any interference in the affairs of others, esp by one state in the affairs of another 3. (Economics) Economics the action of a central bank in supporting the international value of a currency b (MORE)

What is the zenos paradox?

when a racer runs a race,he first has to cross half that distance, then half of that distance, and so on. so the racer must first cross 1/2 the distance, then 1/4 the distance, then 1/16 the distance, then 1/32 the distance, and so on. and there is a theory in place that says you cant cross a infini (MORE)

What was the paradox of republicanism?

Republicanism is a paradox because the belief is for individualliberties and freedoms. However, the rules and standards ofrepublicanism is often inflexible.

What is 'paradox'?

A paradox is a statement or concept that contains conflicting ideas. In logic, a paradox is a statement that contradicts itself; for example, the statement "I never tell the truth" is a paradox because if the statement is true (T), it must be false (F) and if it is false (F), it must be true (T). In (MORE)

What is paradox box?

The paradox box can be easily done. 1. Acquire/steal portal gun (Create real-life Portal game for easy acquiring/stealing) 2. Shoot portals in box and wall. 3. Throw box in wall portal. 4. Watch as the fabric of time and space tears up in front of you as the Universe explodes and we all die. 5. Par (MORE)

Why use paradox?

Paradox can be very effective if used properly. Paradox draws attention and gives emphasis to certain parts of a phrase. It also leaves the reader the ability to draw their own inferences, connections, and conclusions.

What are the paradoxes of faith?

Believing something in the absence of evidence is paradoxical. The paradox can be resolved by realizing that people who believe something in the absence of evidence are simply idiots, and there is no validity to such a belief.

What is a paradox in a poem?

A paradox in poetry is a statement that compares two very oppositethings. Saying that life is death is one statement that could beconsidered a paradox.

What are paradoxes?

a paradox is a statement or a group of statements that contradicts itself. for example: the statement below is true. the statement above is false.

What is paradoxical hyperactivity?

Paradoxical hyperactivity (PH) is a known complication of sedation in children, especially with barbiturates such as pentobarbital and phenobarbital. The accompanying inconsolable irritability and agitation, similar to behaviors reported in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADH (MORE)

What is the paradox of value?

although water is on the whole more useful, in terms of survival, than diamonds , diamonds command a higher price in the market .

What are the paradoxes of Zeno?

They have to do with the nature of infinity. The most well known is the Runner's. If a runner thinks that a race is about going to the midpoint of the race and then the midpoint after that, he'll never finish. He'll complete 50%, then 75%, but will never reach the finish line. He can only get infini (MORE)

What is the Fermi Paradox?

\n \n\n. \n. It refers to the lack of evidence of intelligent aliens despite the size of the Galaxy and the probability that life should exist elsewhere in our Galaxy. \n. Enrico Fermi famously raised this problem about 60 years ago.

Why are paradoxes useful?

One good use of paradoxes is in literature. Statements can be made by main characters that contradict themselves in order to make the reader struggle to understand the true meaning of the statement, therefore making the literature a lot more interesting and complex. For example, in Shakespeare's (MORE)

What does paradox do?

It is an impossibility were something that stops an event which results that made the stopping event not stop it, so the event happens so it makes it stop itself in a never ending cycle,and my guess to what would happen is better than yours The below paradox is called a Logical paradox because (MORE)

What Is a paradox in Macbeth?

There are a lot, but here are two:- "Fair is foul, and Foul is Fair" is the play theme and the first paradox in the story. also,"lesser than Macbeth, and greater. not so happy, yet much happier"

What is the coastline paradox?

The measure of the length of a coastline depends on the level of detail at which the measuring is done. For example: if you measure the coastline of a roughly circular island, at a low level of detail, where little ins and outs along the coastline are ignored, the length will be shorter than if yo (MORE)

Is this a paradox?

If by "this" you are referring to the question itself, then no. It doesn't even qualify as ironic.

How do you create a paradox?

go back in time and kill your mother, then you would not exist anymore, but then your mom wouldn't be dead, then you would exist and kill your mother, ect.

What is the paradox of affluence?

what researchers mean by the paradox of affluence. how the research on happiness and wealth relates to maslow's hierachuy of needs

What is the paradox of faith?

The paradox of faith is to have confidence that all will be well knowing it is entirely possible that things will not work out.

What is the paradox of genealogy?

One observation that has been called a "paradox of genealogy" is that the more information is known, the more (unknown) information there is to find. . ANSWER >That depends upon whether one is an evolutionist or an Intelligent designer. If of intelligent design then theoretically one would have t (MORE)

What is a paradoxical situation?

A paradox is a situation that ends in a conclusion that does not justify the cause, and therefore self contradictory. A paradoxical situation would be, for example, if a british man came upon the shoresof America, and stated 'all Englishmen are liars'. This would mean that he, as an Englishman, is t (MORE)

What is paradox of law?

Is that Law which recognizes the movement of energies in four dimensions simultaneously. This Awareness indicates the Law of Paradox as that which combines the Law of Cause and Effect along with the Law of Inertia, the Law of Microcosm and Macrocosm, and the Law of Vibration. This Awareness indic (MORE)

What is a paradoxical character?

A paradoxical character is a character with a juxtaposition, or personality aspects that are contrasting/different. For instance the following traits would make a character paradoxical: An idiot who is a genius Kind killer Week hero Strong weakling Rich tramp

What is paradoxical fear?

It is when your in a situation when flight or flight is impossible, and your parasympathtic nervous rides over and makes you lose bladder or bowel control

What is paradoxical hypotension?

Paradoxical hypotension is low blood pressure when you would expect higher blood pressure. For example, a person completing a stress test is expected to have elevated heart rate and blood pressure during exertion. If the patient's blood pressure drops instead, it could be a sign of cardiovascular di (MORE)

What is the Whitehead Paradox?

The attempt to expand the solution in powers of Ryenold's number leads to a situation in which it is impossible to satisfy the boundary conditions at infinity for all terms, except the leading one. This is a common mathematical problem which occurs for all uniform flows past finite bodies

What is the ethnicity paradox?

People who may participate actively in their ethnic enclave while at the same time trying to cross the bridge into the wider community.

What are all the paradoxes?

Paradoxes are grouped thematically: logic, self-reference, vagueness, mathematics; statistics, probability, infinity, geometry, decision theory, physics; astro, mechanics, cosmology, electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, relativity, thermodynamics, biology, chemistry, time, philosophy, mysticism, eco (MORE)

What is the osteological paradox?

A bioarchaeological paradox that arises from conflictory andpotentially mutually exclusive hypotheses regarding pathology inarchaeological skeletal populations. Bony lesions take time to formand could collect in higher numbers in "resilient" or "healthy"populations, or they could collect in higher n (MORE)

What is the Pinochet paradox?

The Pinochet paradox refers to the difficult-to-explain situation that developed in Chile in the 1970's and 1980's. Contrary to most development theories, Chile experienced great gains in health despite strict authoritarian rule, posing a troublesome counter-example to development theorists who argu (MORE)

Who is Paradox Brown?

Paradox Brown is the name of a person that runs a website dedicatedto information about fallen angels and demons.

What is the meaning paradox?

A paradox is something that seems contradictory but still works. For example, gaining control of one's life by letting go is a paradox. It seems contradictory but it works.

What is coercive paradox?

what criteria in international law must be met to strike at acivilian or dual-use target of the kind utilized in punishment andrisk strategies