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pathogenic waste contains disease causing micro organisms. hospital waste usually contains infectious microorganisms.
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What are pathogens?

A pathogen is an infectious agent that causes illness to thehost. These are commonly attributed to be bacteria and viruses. They can also be simple organisms, such as Naeg

What is pathogen?

  A pathogen is an organism that can cause a disease.

What does a pathogen do?

A pathogen is a biological organism that causes a disease.

Are measles pathogenic or non-pathogenic?

Measles are infact pathogenic. As it is an infectious disease and the pathogens are infectious viruses and the leucocytes/leukocytes and phagocytes (white blood cells) can't c

What does pathogens do?

They make us sick. They make our body weak and tired. The pathogens make us get cold and fever and more. It depends on which pathogens you get.

What is a true pathogen and an opportunistic pathogen?

True Pathogen- are capable of causing disease in healthy persons with normal immune defenses ex. influenza virus, plague bacillus, and ect Opportunistic pathogen- cause disea

How do you get pathogens?

By definition, a pathogen is anything that is capable of causing disease. These include bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, etc.  Pathogens can enter the body through variou
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What is a waste?

A waste is something that is not meaningful such as trash or half eating junk food or might also be used as "this is a waste of time" its like you are letting it past by witho

What does pathogenic?

Pathogenic means something is disease making. Pathology is thestudy of diseases.