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Peak shaving is a process from the electricity business:
You shift demand from "peak times" (eg. noon) to times with lower demand (e.g. night) and thus "shave" the peak. You can do that e.g. with devices that do not need to run immediately like washing machines etc...
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How do you shave your face?

Well if you have an electric shaver than you just turn it on then move it over your face (excluding the obvious like forehead and eyes), as you do shave go past your jaw and down onto the upper part of your neck. Then if you need to use the trimmer or touch up shaver (comes on the back of most elect (MORE)

Do you have to shave your legs?

No, you don't have to shave your legs but i recomend you did. If you don't shave your legs people (as in boys mostly) will make fun of you. Especially in high school. Now, you don't have to but you should.. This is a common problem for many girls. The best choice is to shave.

What do girls shave?

Girls typically shave their underarms and legs. But like any person you can shave any hair off your body. For facial hair girls usually wax or pluck.

How do you shave pubes?

Take ALOT of shaving cream and trim slowly with a razor. Do not wax, do not use and electric razor. Above is WRONG you use a straight edge razor and boiling water Answer: Or you can just use an electric razor around the edges and then trim with scissors extremely carefully(this can take a LONG ti (MORE)

Can you shave with a banana?

Only if the banana comes from Egypt "palastinian bananas" (the sharpest of all bananas) but first you must lather your face with limeade to soften the hairs for the banana skin to cut for a close clean shave.

Does shaving itch?

no but if you have sentive skin. just remember to put moisture on after u have shaved because your skin dry out. When hair grows back it can be itchy, especially if you are not used to shaving. When you shave always use a shaving gel to reduce the friction of the razor on the skin.

How do you shave your balls?

Very carefully. It is a tricky task but one that can be accomplished. Usually, I will vigorously scrub them. I will also take the shower head and direct the hottest water I can handle on them. This will raise the hairs for easier removal. Generously apply a shave cream. As best you can carefully st (MORE)

Where do you shave?

As a boy only my beard, my neck (the front) , the tip of my nose. Then my nipples sometimes, but just because they are my only thick and long hair and don't blend with my chest that have very little and sparse hair. If it was more uniformly hairy I wouldn't mind shaving my nipples.

What is peak to peak voltage?

Scroll down to related links and look at "RMS voltage, peak voltage and peak-to-peak voltage".. " http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_peak_to_peak_voltage "

How do men shave?

They generally take a Razor (gillette) or electronic shaver, and put shaving cream where they want to shave off, and the gently glide.

What is shaved ham?

One of the coolest classic rock/blues/motown cover bands in the NY/NJ area. Shaved Ham, The Other Average White Band. www.myspace.com/shavedhamband. ANSWER: FOOD RELATED . Shaved ham is ham sliced to it's thinnest possible point. It's so thin you can see through it.

What is the conversion for peak to peak voltage to peak to peak current?

It is the same as the conversion of the voltage to current. You need ohm's law. Good to now the resistance R. Scroll down to related links and look at "Ohm's Law". Answer There is no conversion from voltage to current, regardless how they are measured. They are two different quantities, so (MORE)

Why do woman shave?

Because just like men we grow hair in all types of places and we usually don't want it there.

Does shaving hurt?

If you cut yourself it hurts terribly. Or if you have a lot of hair to shave it will get caught in the razor and it could pull the hair which would hurt. But if neither of that happens it shouldn't hurt at all.

How do you shave if you have acne?

This is a huge and tricky problem. First of all, see a dermatologist to make sure you are treating your skin properly. He or she will then assess whether you should be shaving at all, or how or when you can shave and help you heal the acne so that you can shave properly. If you have occasional br (MORE)

Average voltage to peak to peak?

Conversions of RMS voltage, peak voltage and peak-to-peak voltage. That are the used voltages. The expression "average" voltage is used for RMS voltage. Scroll down to related links and seach for "RMS voltage, peak voltage and peak-to-peak voltage". Answer 'Average' is not the same as 'r (MORE)

How do you shave a bat?

A bat is shaved by removing the end cap then using a cutting tool and a lathe you would remove material from the inside wall of the bat.

What is peaks?

according to the Dictionary : pointed top,espcially of a mountain or reached the highest point or value.

What is point shaving?

'Point shaving' is a term generally associated with sports and meaning that a player or players have not played their best and have limited the number of points their team scores. This usually occurs when a player or players are associating with gamblers who are betting on the game against the playe (MORE)

How do you shave your scrotum?

Electric clippers work best to remove the bulk of the hair. After that you should use a razor. Apply shaving cream or another lubricant and stretch the skin of the scrotum. Do not apply too much pressure, most hair follicles have a slightly raised area at the base of the hair on the skin, and too mu (MORE)

What is peak to peak?

Peak to Peak is the most positive peak to the negative peak value. Or find any peak value and multiply by 2.

What is peak load shaving?

Peak load shaving (in electrical terms) is when a generator is used to offset the electrical load on utility power. This saves money because the generator is fired up during peak times when kilowatt-hours are more expensive.

Do you have to use shaving cream when shaving?

No you can shave without shaving cream, but I don not recomend it. Shaving cream lubricates the skin so that the razor balde glides over it cutting the hair only. Without shaving cream you would experience a lot more razor nicks.. You can use ordinary bar soap.

Peak to peak value?

The Absolute value of the difference between the maximum and minimum magnitudes of a varying quantity.

How do you use after shave?

Just splash it on! it will sink into your skin by its self. you can youse lickwed aftershave or the moisterizer of your choice :)

Can men shave?

Yes men can shave because ur gonna get harry soon down there and every where so well some men shave cause women hate hairy guys some keep it for the hell with it I have been shaving my pubes for the past 10 years Iave to say it,s cleanist feeling ever plenty on soap and a clean razor you wount go (MORE)

What is a shave biopsy?

Shave biopsy. A scalpel or razor blade is used to shave off a thin layer of the lesion parallel to the skin.

How do you get best shaving?

if your shaving your legs with a razor then its best to do it in the shower under running water so your skin doesnt get too dry. you can get wax strips or electrical leg shavers which are very good. you didn't say what your shaving but shaving foam is good.

What is peak value and peak to peak value?

A: AC or our line voltage is sinusoidal in nature it goes up to a positive peak returns to zero and proceed to the negative peak. 120V AC is actually swinging from peak to peak. It is 120 volts but the peak is the 120 v times 1.41 or 169.2 volts and since it also go negative then the peak to peak 12 (MORE)

What pH is after shave?

Hi.. Well recently in science we have been doing pH levels of acids and alkalis and we done a experiment of pH on after shave and its pH6 hope this helped Please comment on my message board Thanks :)

What is peak n peak and what do they do?

Peek n' Peak is a resort in western New York state mainly offering golf and spa packages. It also hosts banquets, weddings and other formal events from time to time.

What is No Shave November?

No-Shave November (also known as Movember) raised over $42 millionfor testicular cancer awareness - it was created in 2003 inMelbourne, Australia. Although much of the process is amusing and fun, the main objectiveis to raise funds for research and awareness of this killer.According to the Nationa (MORE)

Is AC voltage measured from Peak to Peak or from 0 to peak?

Both. When an AC voltage is measured and a number is reported, it is necessary to state that this number is rms value or peak value or peak to peak value. Answer Voltages and currents are each normally expressed in root-mean-square (rms), unless otherwise stated . For example, when we talk abo (MORE)

Is ac voltage measured peak to peak or neutral to peak?

Neither. A.C. voltage, and current, are expressed as root-mean-square ( rms ) values, and this is what a voltmeter and an ammeter reading will indicate. To measure peak voltage, or peak-to-peak voltage, you will need to use an oscilloscope.

How do you shave cats?

You need grooming clippers to do it safely. Scissors would be dangerous since cats move in surprising ways. Pay for a groomer if you feel you must do this.

How does Superman shave?

Due to Supermans invulnerability, which includes his hair, he cannot shave by normal means. It is widely accepted that he uses his heat vision and a mirror to burn away the unwanted hair.

What is opposite of shave?

There really isn't an opposite of shave. If a person doesn't shave, they could be referred to as scruffy looking. The hair grows longer and looks unkempt if a person goes for an extended amount of time without shaving.

What is peak voltage peak to peak voltage Vrms?

In an ac cycle the voltage builds up to a peak voltage before thevoltage decays and builds up to a negative peak. The peak-to-peak voltage is double the peak voltage, and the rmsvoltage is the peak voltage divided by sqrt(2).

Does Santa shave?

Santa doesn't usually shave. His look is more full moustache andbeard. But every once in while, in January or February, he mightfor a change, and then he lets the whole things grow back. :)