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Platform independence means executing a code irrespective of the Operating System on which it is being executed.

Java is called a platform independent language because

  1. The output of the JAVA compiler is bytecode which is not directly executable.
  2. the bytecode is then interpreted by the JVM on respective OS.
The bytecode generated after compilation can be executed on any machine with any OS with the help of JVM.

e.g. U write a simple java program ("samp.java") and compile it, u get a "samp.class" file after compiling without any errors, now you can execute this program on windows OS or Linux or Macintosh which generates the same output and runs fine on all OS.
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Is term platform independent equivalent to cross platform?

Any boby can answer this question What software is cross-platform? Platform-independent means that code executes without a specific platform. Cross-platform means that the application runs on many platforms. Generally, they can be used interchangeably.

What do you mean by platform independent?

Answer . The word "platform independent" means that the source code written in one language can be run on any machine independent of any hardware platform with minimal or no changes.

Is c platform independent?

No. Not only will C source code have to be recompiled to work on different machines, but implementations of platform-specific concepts (file system management, UI, etc.) will have to be rewritten completely to work on a new machine.

Why is java platform independent?

When Java Code is compiled a byte code is generated which is independent of the system. This byte code is fed to the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) which resides in the system. Since every system has its own JVM, it doesn't matter where you compile the source code. The byte code generated by the compile (MORE)

Is dotnet platform independent?

No. . Microsoft .Net runs on Windows natively. However an open source implementation, Mono, allows for it to run on open source systems. They however don't support all .Net classes, so don't expect anything to run completely there. . As you all know that in .net there are different comp (MORE)

Is Net framework platform independent?

Yes. no .net is not platform independent is supports on OS .... as is need clr for Linux to support it but till now .net platform is not independent ...

Why dotnet is not platform independent?

Microsoft's .NET framework is only officially supported for Windows platforms and makes heavy use of the Windows API. If it were platform independent, code written on one system would work on other systems.

What is ment by platform independence?

Platform independence is the feature by which code written in one programming language in one platform (say windows) can run without any issues in another platform (say Unix) without extensive code changes. Not all programming languages are platform independent. Java is one of the strongest/most p (MORE)

Why java is platform independent?

Java solves the problem of platform-independence by using byte code. The Java compiler does not produce native executable code for a particular machine like a C compiler would. Instead it produces a special format called byte code. Java byte code written in hexadecimal, byte by byte, looks like this (MORE)

Independent party platform?

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Is c a platform independent language?

Answer No. C is not a platform independent language. Answer The language is platform-independent, the generated object/executable program is not. The standard libraries do have platform-dependent parts. Answer C is most certainly platform-dependent. The C specification contains num (MORE)

Net is platform independent?

No, .NET only runs on Microsoft platforms (Windows, XBOX, etc.) .NET can be run on Linux&Mac with Mono. However, Mono does not provide Windows-specific libraries.

What is a platform independent software?

That means that the software can run on different platforms - for example, on Windows, Linux, and Macintosh machines, perhaps even on Android or iOS devices.

What is platform independent software?

It is software that can run on different kinds of computers and operating systems. It is not tied to having to be run on only one kind of computer or operating system. So it is independent of platforms, not restricted to one.

Is c plus plus platform dependent or platform independent?

The language itself is platform independent. However, specific implementations may be platform dependant. For instance, code written with Microsoft Visual C++ is generally intended to be compiled upon Windows platforms only, not Linux or Mac platforms. Although pre-compiler directives can filter mac (MORE)

Is asp.net platform independent or not?

ASP.NET is not a language in itself rather a web technology that uses .NET programming languages to build dynamic web sites and web applications. I suppose the question is if .NET is platform-independent? My answer would be 'currently, no'. .NET is slowly catching up but it is still way to go before (MORE)

JVM is platform dependent then why JAVA is platform independent?

The idea is that, once you have a JVM available for a platform , the same Java program works on different computers. This is unlike many other programming languages, which need to be recompiled for different platforms, or perhaps don't work even if recompiled, due to platform-specific differences.

Why JVM is platform independent?

It is not. Visit java.sun.com and dowload the suitable JRE (or JDK) version for your platform. Note: The java bytecode executed by JVM is indeed platfom-independent.

Is Java an independent platform?

definitely java is a platform independent..there is no doubt about it ...this java can be run in any platform...becoz it converts source code into byte code/machine code..thats why it is called platform independent.............

Is .NET platform-independent?

.NET is Platform Dependent in light of the fact that once the codeis composed it is consented into Microsoft IntermediateLanguage(MSIL) code which is autonomous of stage yet it is halfordered code,then Common Language Runtime(CLR) change over it intogadget particular code i.e it is stage dependent.( (MORE)

Is Java is platform dependent or independent?

The Java programming language is platform independent - it will run on any hardware and operating system which has a Java Virtual Machine installed. The JVM itself, however, is platform dependent - meaning, that to build and run the JVM (not a Java program, but the JVM itself), the quirks and det (MORE)

Why java is called platform independent?

The result of a Java application is independent of the platform being run. Running a Java application from a Windows computer has the same result as the same application being run on Ubuntu/Linux or on the OS X Mac computer.

Is PHP platform independent?

Yes. PHP scripts are able to be interpreted on most machinery,especially Windows, Mac OS, and many Linux distributions.

Is python is pure platform independent?

Yes! The Python standard library takes considerations to what platform you are on, especially in the OS module. Now, if you are opening files (or walking the filesystem, etc) you need to take care that your filepaths are system independent, if you want that.

Is c platform independent or dependent?

ansi C is platform independent and does not provide any hardware functions. Hardware functions are found in non ansi library's usually provided by the compiler manufacturer.

Is jsp is platform independents?

Yes. JSP is a java based technology and hence it is platform independent. So, you can run it in any environment. The same JSP that can run in a windows box can always run in a Linux box.

Why java is platform independe?

A Java program execution consists of compilation as well as interpretation. Compiler- This part converts the program written in high level level language to byte code[an intermediate code]. This byte code is the reason for which Java is Platform Independent . This byte code can be travele (MORE)

Why java called as platform independent?

Java is called as platform independent because it uses the WORA(Write Once and Run Anywhere) principle. Java programming language is designed to be run under any OS and that is the main advantage of it.

How Java achieve platform independent?

Because all code is interpreted by the "Java Virtual Machine" before execution. Each of the supported platforms has a port of the JVM. This means that the code in first translated into native code before being executed by the system. This makes Java considerably slower than C or C++.

Why java beans are platform independent?

When you program in any programming language, you compile your program before executing it. Compiling your program means you've converted your source code ( text ) into machine code( which can be executed)... Every machine has a different set of rules to execute a program... for example, Linux execu (MORE)

Why are Java executables platform independent?

When programs written in most other languages are compiled, they produce a platform-dependent executable that only runs on the same type of computer (i.e. 64-bit Windows or Intel Macs) it was compiled on. When a Java program is compiled, on the other hand, it produces a Java .class file that cont (MORE)

How platform independence is achieved in Java?

Java is a platform independent language.After compiling the ".java"file ,that will be converting into the ".class" file,which is abyte code having the capability run on any OS.Basing on the conceptbyte code java achieving the platform independent,it leads to"Write once run anywhere".

Why is java is neutral platform independent?

Java is known as platform-neutral language because Java's bytecodes are designed to be read, interpreted, and executed in exactly the same manner on any computer hardware or operating system that supports a Java run-time.

Why java script called as platform independent?

java also called as platform independent.because we will use java application at any operationg system and any hardware. it not contain error. so we called java as platform independent..

How java is said to be platform-independent?

Java is said to be platform-independent because you can write a program in one programming language, and many different platforms can run it. For example, if you write a program like this: import java.util.*; public class Example { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println(" (MORE)

Is vb.net platform independent?

yes,it is platform independent because it uses CLR(common language runtime) for compiling the codes and then the code can be run on any platform.

How jre is platform independent?

Jre, or the Java Runtime Environment, runs java programs on any device regardless of their operating system. Because of this, it is independent of the platform (specific device and OS) that it's being run on, and a program written on one computer can still be used on another.

Why are php executables platform independent?

PHP is a server-side language, meaning that the code is executed on the server rather than on the user's local machine. Because of this, it doesn't matter what platform the user is using. In simple terms: User opens their browser -> Browser sends request to server -> Server executes code -> Outp (MORE)

Why java supports platform independence?

Why? Because that was one of Java's main design considerations. And the reason for that is because it allows running programs on different computers, without having to rewrite them.

How java supports platform independency?

A compiled Java program (extension .class) is interpreted by a special program, the "Java Virtual Machine" (JVM). The JVM is available on many platforms. (Obviously somebody had to develop it separately for different platforms.)

What do you mean by JAVA platform independence?

Java will generate byte code which we call it as class file. We canrun this byte code files irrespective of the platform using JVM.That's why we call java as Platform independent language.

What are the advantages of platform independent languages?

Platform independent languages are high-level languages that haveno dependency on the machine (architecture or platform). In otherwords, they allow cross-platform development from the same sourcecode. The low-level machine details are handled by the language'sinterpreter or compiler, allowing the pr (MORE)