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The plural form for the noun condominium is condominiums.
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What is a condominium?

The word condominium generally means sharing ownership with others. A condominium is legal arrangement whereby multiple owners share ownership of real property. A portion of t

What is a Declaration of Condominium?

The recorded instrument that is sometimes called a Declaration ofCondominium is the legal document that actually creates acondominium development under relevant state law. I

How do you get a condominium?

  You buy one. Or you might inherit one. Or you might receive one in trade.   In any event, in order to own a condominium, the deed to the real estate must be in your n

What is a townhouse condominium?

  It all depends on the location of the condominium.   In some states, areas, communities, townhouse implies multi-stories, with internal steps to additional floors.

What is a condominium slip?

According to the Fairfax (Virginia) Yacht Club: "A condominium slip is similar to an apartment condominium in that the owner receives a deed (which is insurable and recorded i

What are the elements of the condominium?

The elements may be the real estate assets of the association. When condominium 'elements' are defined in the context of a Reserve Study, the elements are assets for which r

What is an underground condominium?

In all probability, this is a community that exists in a structure built or converted from another use, that exists below the surface of the land. It's also possible that it'

What is a quorum in a condominium?

From Wikipedia, the definition of a quorum is: "A quorum is the minimum number of members of a deliberative assembly (a body that uses parliamentary procedure, such as a legi

Where do you get a Condominium Declaration?

If you are developing a condominium project, you hire an association-savvy attorney who crafts the governing documents, based on state law that governs condominiums. When yo

What if you do not have a quorum in a condominium?

Depending on the type of quorum required -- owners' quorum or board  quorum -- no business can be conducted legally if the required  quorum is not present or represented. 

What types of condominiums are there?

Condominium is a form of real estate ownership -- a land-use  definition, and can be used by developers who develop single family  homes, multi-family dwellings, mixed use h

How do you own a condominium?

You own a condominium according to its boundaries. For example, in  a building, the boundary may be 'from the paint, in' and this means  that you own the unit and the associ