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What is political instability?

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Political instability is a situation where by a country is currently going through political turmoil. It may also involve the death of people within that country and in many cases the country detoriates in terms of its economic progress.
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What effect does economic instability have on politicians?

Generally, economic instability has a negative effect on politicians since voters tend to 1) Erroneously blame politicians for failure to control or monitor long-term economi (MORE)

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What are the causes of economic instability in Pakistan?

- Causes and Effects Pakistan is experiencing the worst economic crisis and downturn. It was worsened in the past recent years. When the country unable to sustain it's economi (MORE)

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How is marketing used in politics?

Marketing is used in politics in much the same way as in business: To help conceive, package, and deliver candidates and, once in office, present policies so that voters will (MORE)
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What are the causes of political instability in Africa?

lack of a smooth process of handover of power: lack of well planned elections can lead to political instability. intervention of the military in the governing process autocrat (MORE)

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What are the causes of political instability?

Poverty, bad conditions for the average people, anger of the people towards the government, etc. All of these are reasons that provoke political instability in the form of cri (MORE)

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